Best Thermometer for Toddlers

Best Thermometer for Toddlers

The best thermometer for toddlers is still considered the gold standard—they offer the most reliably accurate measurement of core body temperature. Roberts explained that rectal thermometers are recommended for use with newborns because “they are most accurate and it is important to know if a newborn really has a fever.

Best Thermometer for Toddlers

Our Top Picks

Best Overall Thermometer

This top-rated thermometer takes the spot as our best overall option. The ultra-fast reader takes an accurate reading in the ear in only one second, which is perfect for parents trying to take temperatures for a finicky, squirmy kid.

Unlike the best thermometer for toddlers you probably remember growing up, this thermometer doesn’t require disposable plastic covers that can interfere with fever reading; instead, the BPA and Latex-free reader can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth or cotton swab and just a dab of 75 percent alcohol.

Best Budget

If you want something that’s at a cheaper price point but will still give you an accurate reading, reach for this oral and rectal thermometer from iProven.

This small and discreet thermometer will give you a fast temperature reading in just 10 seconds, and the reading will be super-accurate within one-tenth of a degree.

While you might remember under the tongue thermometers as uncomfortable, this version has a very flexible tip that makes it much more comfortable than its predecessors.

Baby Thermometer


Best Forehead Thermometer

Though this unit did’t make it to our best wrist blood pressure monitor it still has some quality. Let’s have a look!

If you’re looking for a thermometer that will give you ultra-accurate readings at just a touch to the forehead, try this top-rated option from ANKOVO.

Reviewers praise its speed and accuracy, and at this price point, it definitely won’t break the bank. In addition to reading temperatures in only one second, this ANOKVO will store up to 20 previous temperature readings, so you can have your fever history available at your fingers.

Best Thermometer for Toddlers for Kids

If your child is consistently picking up bugs and viruses on the playground, make sure you have a reliable and easy-to-use thermometer on hand, like this option from Target.

Say goodbye to the discomfort of under-the-tongue, inner ear, or rectal thermometers. Instead, this option takes the temperature by capturing the heat from the temporal artery through the forehead skin.

Best No-Touch

If you find yourself needing to take temperatures from finicky kids when they’re sleeping, invest in this no-touch option form Braun to make it super simple.

Best Multi Use

When you have a busy household with kids of various ages, you really need a thermometer that will hold up. For when they’re not feeling well, try this thermometer with both forehead and ear functionality. Like other digital thermometers, this one displays your temperature in only one second.

If you’re unsure what numbers should be worrisome for your little one, this thermometer also has audio and visual fever warnings to let you know when to see a medical professional. A mute function will pause the warning sounds for times when you’re taking a temperature in their sleep.

Best Ear Thermometer

This easy-to-use thermometer is suitable for the whole family—babies, kids, and adults alike. Reviewers praise this thermometer’s accuracy, and also call it “embarrassingly easy to use.” This ear thermometer uses disposable lens filters to make it easy to switch between users without having to clean, and also because Braun knows that a buildup of earwax can impact the accuracy of the reading.

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