The Best BBQ Thermometer for 2024 (Reviews & Guideline)

You are using the best BBQ thermometer or temperature? The probe is the easiest method to see that your meat has been cooked to your liking and it is also essential to determine safe internal meat temperatures so that you do not poison yourself or your guests.

Let’s also be clear, the most extreme form of food poisoning ends in death. This is not an exaggeration, this is a serious matter.

Best BBQ Thermometer

These best BBQ thermometers provide accurate readings quickly, and a few can even monitor the grill remotely while you craft side dishes within the kitchen or mingle.

BBQ Thermometer

A BBQ thermometer is a tool used to measure the temperature of food being cooked on a barbecue grill or smoker. It helps ensure that the meat is cooked to a safe temperature, and can also help achieve the desired level of doneness.

BBQ thermometers come in a variety of types, including analog and digital models, and can be used for both meat and ambient temperature readings. Some thermometers can even be connected to a smartphone app for remote monitoring and alerts. Using a BBQ thermometer can help improve the quality and safety of your barbecue cooking.

Why Barbecue Cooking Needs Special Attention

1. Good sanitation prevents the spread of disease

2. Refrigeration slows down the proliferation of bacteria and spoilage

3. Cooking meat kills bacteria

4. Eating raw pork or chicken is dangerous

As barbecue enthusiasts, we need to take extra care because of the types of food we cook:

1. Pork

2. Ground Meat

3. Chicken

And also thermally because of how we cook it:

1. Over charcoal

2. Low and slow which exposes our meat to longer periods in the thermal range when bacteria proliferate.

The 13 Best BBQ Thermometer Reviews in 2024

Feelle Backlight

The Feel Backlight has two probes that are safe to go away in your meat, so you’ll get more accurate measurements by checking both ends of an enormous chunk of brisket.

It comes with a generous 18-month warranty and lifetime probe replacements.

Feelle Backlight

1. Very straightforward to use

2. Fast readings within 3 seconds

3. Can display in celsius or Fahrenheit

ThermoPro TP21

The ThermoPro TP21 includes a handheld wireless unit that offers preset levels for nine types of meat-based on USDA safety recommendations.

So you’ll always know your food has been thoroughly cooked. The monitor features a very large LCD for straightforward reading.

1. The screen changes color to show the temp

2. High-quality probe

3. Several mounting options

Maverick ET-732

The Maverick ET-732 displays the temperature inside your smoker as well as the internal temperature of the meat. It beeps and flashes when either goes above a preset range, which you’ll establish supported by the precise item being cooked.

1. Two-hybrid probes

2. The Lcd screen is easy to read

3. Wireless range of 300 feet

Tenergy Solis

If you’re preparing a large feast, the Tenergy Solis comes with six separate probes that let you monitor each piece. You can keep track of up to 100 feet away via Bluetooth with an app available in the Apple or Google Play stores.

1. Backlit LCD screen

2. 11 preset temperature ranges

3. Can withstand up to 716 Fahrenheit

NutriChef Bluetooth

The stylish NutriChef Bluetooth has a sensitive probe that offers a smart, hands-free solution for monitoring your meat.

The companion mobile app displays temperature in real-time and can sound an alarm when your food is ready.

1. Large liquid crystal display

2. Stainless steel cable

3. One-year warranty

iDevices iGrill2

The iDevices iGrill2 features a proximity wake-up that lets you see how close to done your brisket is without having to lift the lid on your smoker. It has a 150-foot Bluetooth range and apps for both iOS and Android devices.

1. Impressive 150-hour battery life

2. Can be mounted magnetically

3. Sometimes has trouble syncing

Lavatools Javelin Pro Duo

The Lavatools Javelin Pro Duo produces readings in only 2 to 3 seconds and works with all kinds of meat, sauces, and even baked goods.

It is equipped with a convenient magnet, so you can always have it quickly available by sticking it to the refrigerator.

1. Rotating backlit display

2. Auto sleep to conserve battery life

3. No preset ranges for meat

Inkbird Digital

If you’ve got things to do in the kitchen and can’t hang around at the grill, Inkbird Digital offers a wireless display with an easy-to-read screen. It’s simple to set alerts for different types of meat, so you’ll always know if you’re in a healthy range.

1. Can monitor 2 items

2. Displays in Celsius or Fahrenheit

3. Bluetooth finicky beyond 25 feet

Alpha Grillers Instant Read

The Alpha Grillers Instant Read sports a high-precision sensor that is accurate to within one degree, ensuring your meat is never under or overcooked. It works right out of the box and takes less than seven seconds to get a reading.

1. Laminated temperature guide

2. Easy to wipe clean

3. Somewhat fragile

Luxe Grill Digital

The Luxe Grill Digital offers a clean, streamlined button layout and display, and a good temperature reading range of between -40 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It shuts off automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity to conserve its battery.

1. Includes a protective sleeve

2. Easy calibration feature

3. Readings are a bit slow

Trend BBQ Thermometer

These TREND BBQ Thermometers are equivalent models utilized in large chemical, pharmaceutical, and industrial plants and are made to equivalent exacting standards.

This is a 3″ Dial industrial BBQ thermometer with a temperature range of 3″ Dial and a 304 Stainless Steel Case.

Delux BBQ Thermometer

This thermometer offers a large 5″ Dial with an adjustable head that can be set at any angle. The 4″ stem provides a more accurate temperature reading for giant smokers and grills. 304 Stainless Steel Case with Zero reset.

Case: 304 Stainless Steel

Dial: Anti Parallax, heavy gauge aluminum with a matt finish
Moisture tight seal.

Stem: 304 stainless steel, TIG welded at tip and case connection, 1/4″ diameter stem.

Smart Wireless BBQ Thermometer

This Smart Wireless BBQ Thermometer is the world’s first invention of Bluetooth Barbecue Probe. It enables Bluetooth wireless connection between the probe and the smartphone.

Once the grilled food reaches the preset temperature, it’ll automatically alarm to make your grilling process much easier.

Truly Wire-Free Meat Thermometer

The LATEST style of wireless meat thermometer! Just need one BBQ thermometer and your smartphone to monitor the food temperature during your barbecue.

Probe Has Built-in 2 Temperature Sensors

If you employ the oven for barbecue, the barbecue thermometer can simultaneously detect the temperature of the food and therefore the internal temperature of the oven.

Three Functions on “Grill ProbeE” APP

RECIPES: with preset temperatures for 9 types of meat(ground beef, ground poultry, beef, veal, chicken, pork, poultry, goat, fish) and their various doneness levels recommended by USDA.

TIMER: You can set the barbecue time according to your experience. When the set time is reached, the app will automatically alarm.

TARGET TEMPERATURE: You can also customize the temperature at which the food is cooked when it reaches this temperature, it will automatically alarm.

Fast Charge and Multiple Probes

Fast charge for 5 minutes and it can be used for 4 hours. The APP can connect four probes at the same time.

Bluetooth Connection Distance

The connection distance is 33 ft in normal use and gets limited to 3.3 ft when the probe is inside a metal shielded oven.

How to Charge the Probe

1. Keep the probe in the charger before use or the battery is low

2. The external power supply is connected to the USB. Red Light indicates charging in progress. Each charge requires about 5 minutes

How to Use the BBQ thermometer

1. Insert the probe into the food to be grilled

2. Note: The insertion depth must be beyond the safe insertion line as shown below

Types of Alarms

Barbecue Alarm

When the grill food reaches the preset temperature, the smartphone will alarm you at the end of the grilling process. At that point, please remove the food & remove the probe from the oven immediately.

Bluetooth Disconnection Alarm

When the Bluetooth connection between the smartphone and therefore the probe is interrupted, an alarm message will crop up to remind you to stay the smartphone closer to the probe within 2 minutes so as not to affect your grilling process.

How to Wash

The steel part of the probe can be soaked in the water but the ‘ON’ button on the top should not be washed in the water.


1) When the probe stays away from the mobile phone or the oven temperature is below 122°F for ten minutes, the probe will automatically turn off. Please press the ‘ON’ button to restart the Bluetooth connection

2) The communication distance is limited to 3.3 ft when the probe is inside a metal-shielded oven

3) Do not put probes without food into the barbecue oven

4) Barbecue food should be lower than 185°F. The oven temperature should be lower than 527°F. If exceeds this limit, the probe is going to be permanently damaged. When this happens, the user should quickly remove the probe

5)The Smart Wireless BBQ Thermometer product works under high temperatures. Improper use will cause damage to the probe. In such circumstances, the manufacturer will not provide any warranty for repair and/or replacement services

How to Prevent Food Poisoning

Having mentioned good hygiene practices, a lot of us are still exposing ourselves to unnecessary risks by not using a BBQ thermometer.

I used to be the sort of guy who would work on the adage “prick the chicken and if the juices run clear then it’s safe to eat a BBQ thermometer is the sign of someone who doesn’t know what they are doing.”

Well, I’ve changed my mind, a bbq thermometer is the single piece of kit that every outdoor chef must have and the two common myths below give a good reason why:-

Myth #1 – “If my Meat is Brown Inside it’s Cooked”

Not true. For sure meat does turn brown when cooked but that’s not the sole reason meat turns brown, it also turns brown when aged.

Freshly killed flesh is red because the blood is oxygenated but as meat is aged, the level of oxygen decreases, and the blood turns blue/brown so changing the color of the meat.

Cutting into the meat and checking the color isn’t a reliable way of determining whether meat is safe to eat. You can’t argue with the readout of a calibrated BBQ thermometer.

Myth #2 – “Chicken is Completed When the Juices Run Clear”

No longer true. We consume so much chicken these days, it is intensively reared and it saddens me to say that in many cases these birds are fattened up before their bone structures are properly formed.

Some of these chickens never walk in their short lifetime. For the same reason, when cooking, blood can seep out of the poorly formed bones and taint the meat.

Your chicken could be perfectly cooked despite there still being traces of blood so if you’re not using a BBQ thermometer you could be completely over-cooking your bird. Use a free-range bird however and your chicken should have well-calcified bones

What Type Of BBQ Thermometer Do You Need?

When considering what type of probe to buy there are essentially three steps in the good, better, and best styles of BBQ thermometer. The first thing to means is that measuring meat temperature a moment read thermometer is completely essential and a digital one at that.

Thankfully the old days of mechanical thermometers or mercury thermometers have been surpassed, you’ll still get them, they’re cheap but really not sufficiently versatile for barbecuing.

Note: This mechanical style of thermometer is the sort that will be installed in the hood of your smoker to monitor the temperature inside your food chamber.

They are reasonably accurate but the negative is that they reflect the temperature where the thermometer is positioned* and not the temperature at the surface of the cooking grate and this could vary by 20°C (35°F).

The only exception that I’ve found to this is the Jensen Grill which has its thermometer calibrated to take account of the distance between the cooking grate and the position of the thermometer.

Having concluded that a digital readout is a way to go you can next break the designs of BBQ thermometer down into two types: “Instant Read” that have the display at the end of the probe and will give you a reading when you insert the probe into the meat.

Remote thermometers have a separate readout unit connected to the probe either by wire or wireless.

Best Instant Read Temperature Probes

The probes are best suited when you need immediate reading and have easy access to your food:

1. When you lift the lid to turn food on the grill

2. When removing food from the cooking grate to rest

3. When checking food left on the warming rack

The Best Instant-Read BBQ thermometer is the Thermapen

The readout is almost instantaneous (within a couple of seconds). This is important if you’re lifting the lid on your grill so you don’t lose all the heat.

The readout is large, clear, and on the latest ones is also directional so that both right-handed and left-handed chefs can use it with ease.

They are reliable and easy to store in your pocket or apron

I wouldn’t be without my Thermapen, if I had to choose just one piece of barbecue equipment then this would be it. I don’t just use it for barbecue either, it pretty much goes wherever I go to cook.

There are cheaper thermometers on the market, I’ve tried them and frankly, they don’t come up to the mark. This picture compares the Thermapen to a less expensive Hygiplas probe and admittedly the difference is like chalk and cheese.

Look at the picture carefully and you will note that the digital readouts are not the same. Upon calibration, I proved that the Thermapen is that the more accurate reading.

The display readout on the Hygiplas is within the wrong aspect. Any right-handed person has to tilt their head to the left to read the output and to a left-handed person, the readout will be upside down.

Essential Thermapen

Even the essential Thermapen without the directional readout is straightforward for a left-handed chef to read. Moreover, take a closer look at the tip of the probe:

The blue Thermapen features a much finer tip allowing it to penetrate skins and delicate flesh a lot easier. When I tried using the yellow Hygiplas I could not readily penetrate the fish skin and just squished the skin down onto the flesh.

Probe your meat and it is under-cooked, then next time you probe it is cooked, if you haven’t sanitized your probe with a probe wipe between tests you may have cross-contaminated your cooked meat with any bugs that may have still been present in the earlier under-cooked test.

Best Remote Barbecue Thermometers

When it comes to smoking you need to be able to monitor the temperature of your meat remotely because you don’t want to be opening the hood on your smoker every half-hour and losing all the warmth within the food chamber. This is where the remote BBQ thermometer adds value.

Your remote thermometer contains two probes or temperature sensors: The 1st probe is inserted into the meat remains in the meat during the cookout.

The 2nd sensor is placed on the cooking grate to give an accurate reading of the cooking temperature at the point where the meat is actually sitting and not halfway up the lid where most built-in BBQ thermometers reside.

The display readout is provided by a separate unit that will be connected by a wire or (in the top-of-the-range models) wireless.

These BBQ thermometers allow you to continuously monitor the meat temperature and a few even have an alarm that will sound when your meat reaches the specified temperature in order that you don’t overdo it.

Wireless Thermometer

Whether you need to have a wireless thermometer is down to the design of your smoker ie. how the smoker hood closes with wires coming out or simply how much you want the state of the art.

The wireless remote unit will allow you to be up to 100 feet or so away from your smoker so when preparing your cookout you’re not necessarily tied to standing by the barbecue smoker say if the weather’s bad or like me, you smoke all year round.

I’ve tested a variety of remote BBQ thermometers and therefore the one that consistently comes out on top is the Maverick ET732. It’s a robust accurate device and is of great value for money.

If I have one niggle it’s that the instructions are poor but who reads instructions these days? Five minutes playing around with it and you’ll get to grips with it.

The final option is to have a BBQ thermometer with more than one probe, this will allow you to check more than one point in the meat without having to move the probe manually (something that might again require opening the smoker hood).

This can be a specific advantage when cooking an outsized bird sort of turkey because you’ll insert one probe within the breast and one within the thigh and keep a check on both temperatures at the same time. For an extra $10, choose the Maverick ET-733

Calibrating Your Temperature Probe

It pays to calibrate your temperature probe regularly to check that it is giving an accurate readout and there’s a very easy way to do this:

Insert the probe into the water on a rolling boil it should read 100°C or 212°F. Insert it into iced water and it should read 0°C or 32°F

As a double-check, if you have more than one probe, test them simultaneously. If they both read the same then the chances are they are accurate no matter at what temperature you choose to test.

Safe Internal Meat Temperatures

You can check that your food is cooked and safe to eat when you achieve the following internal meat temperatures:-

Medium Rare145°F62.8°C
Well Done170°F76.7°C
Medium Rare145°F62.8°C
Well Done170°F76.7°C
Medium Rare145°F62.8°C
Well Done170°F76.7°C
Well Done170°F76.7°C
From Raw160°F71.1°C
Reheating Cooked140°F60.0°C
Whole Chicken180°F82.2°C
Whole Turkey180°F82.2°C
Roast Breast170°F76.7°C
Wings and Thighs180°F82.2°C
Duck & Goose180°F82.2°C
Ground Meat  
Turkey & Chicken165°F73.9°C
Beef, Veal, Lamb & Pork160°F71.1°C

Seafood is a little less definitive, I don’t use a BBQ thermometer for these, it’s best just described in the following way:-

Finfish – Cook until opaque and it flakes easily with a fork OR if the skin comes away easily from a fillet, it’s cooked.

Shrimp, Lobster & Crab – Shells turn red and the flesh is white opaque

Scallops – turn milky white and become slightly more firm

Clams & Mussels – Cook until the shells open, discard any that don’t open

Avoid Food Poisoning With My 4 Food Hygiene Recommendations

For those that do want to know it all, the signs and symptoms of food poisoning range from tummy ache, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, and in more severe cases, fever.

Dehydration and even death, but having said all this, please don’t be put off having another barbecue.

Take the proper precautions, use the table above to watch safe internal meat temperatures, follow my 4 basic food hygiene recommendations and barbecue gastrointestinal disorder are going to be a thing of the past.

Do not cover warm food (e.g. with stretch wrap) Covering food that has not properly cooled makes for a moist environment – ideal for those little bugs to grow in.

Wash hands and surfaces often. Before and after handling meat, wash both your hands and any surfaces like chopping boards. Use this guide on how to wash hands hygienically.

Use chopping boards that are both dishwasher safe and the right size that way you always get your board hygienically clean. Keep raw and cooked food separate.

If a plate or board has had meat thereon then always wash it thoroughly before using it for cooked meat.

Store cooked meat above raw meat in the refrigerator, that way nothing raw can drip down onto your cooked meat. Store any meat that you simply are marinating in clean containers covered with a stretch wrap on the rock bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

Refrigerate Promptly

Warm temperatures between 50°F – 100°F (20°C – 40°C) provide an ideal breeding ground for bacteria so chilling food quickly is important but not before it has cooled significantly.

If you put a large warm mass in your refrigerator, rather than cooling the mass down, you’ll warm up the temperature in the refrigerator.

Don’t place hot pans in your refrigerator otherwise, all you will succeed in doing is breaking the glass shelves in your refrigerator.

Do not cover warm food. Covering food that has not properly cooled makes for a moist environment – ideal for those little bugs to grow in.

Buying Guide

Easy to Use

The large-screen LCD with a blue backlight provides you comfort and ease to simply determine meat temperature and switch different settings. Temperature display options for both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

High Quality and Safety

The food thermometer includes a wireless thermometer, transmitter base, chrome steel meat probe, and a built-in timer. All the essentials you would like for cooking, grilling, oven-baking, BBQ.

The long-range probe covers a distance of up to 35 meters for maximum reach and mobility when you’re cooking.

Multi-Purpose Use

With a variety of pre-programmed meat selection settings and a good choice of private taste settings, your meals are going to be cooked just the way you wish it with the various sets of modes you can choose from.

Whether you’re cooking from cook mode or time mode, impress your family and friends together with your delicious meal.

Safe Operation

The meat thermometer probe is formed from food-grade chrome steel designed to urge temperature quickly and accurately. Runs on 4 AAA batteries (not included).


What is a BBQ thermometer?

A BBQ thermometer is a device used to measure the internal temperature of food, particularly meat, during the cooking process.

Why is a BBQ thermometer important?

A BBQ thermometer is important because it allows you to cook food to a safe internal temperature, which helps to prevent foodborne illnesses. It also helps you to cook meat to your desired level of doneness.

What types of BBQ thermometers are there?

There are several types of BBQ thermometers, including instant-read thermometers, probe thermometers, wireless thermometers, and infrared thermometers.

How do instant-read thermometers work?

Instant-read thermometers work by inserting the probe into the thickest part of the meat and taking a reading within a few seconds. They are great for quick checks and can be used for a wide range of foods.

How do probe thermometers work?

Probe thermometers work by inserting a probe into the meat and leaving it there during the cooking process. The thermometer displays the temperature in real-time, allowing you to monitor the progress of the meat.

What is a wireless thermometer?

A wireless thermometer is a probe thermometer that can be connected to a remote display or smartphone app, allowing you to monitor the temperature from a distance.

What is an infrared thermometer?

An infrared thermometer measures the surface temperature of the food without making contact, making it great for checking the temperature of grill grates, pizza stones, and other surfaces.

What features should I look for in a BBQ thermometer?

When looking for a BBQ thermometer, consider features such as accuracy, response time, range, durability, ease of use, and whether it has any additional features such as programmable alarms or Bluetooth connectivity.

How do I care for my BBQ thermometer?

To care for your BBQ thermometer, clean the probe after each use and store it in a safe, dry place. Avoid exposing the thermometer to extreme temperatures or moisture.

How often should I calibrate my BBQ thermometer?

It is recommended to calibrate your BBQ thermometer at least once a year, or more often if you use it frequently or drop it. Calibration ensures that the thermometer is providing accurate readings.

Final Thoughts

Monitoring temperature with a leave-in probe BBQ thermometer is the only thanks to knowing exactly what’s happening inside a beef brisket, smoked turkey, baby back ribs, or pulled pork butt as they come up to temp “low and slow” in a smoker.

Pro barbecue teams wouldn’t dream of going to a competition without one. Dual-channel thermometers with high and low alarms allow you to track your food’s internal temperature as well as the ambient temperature in your smoker or grill. Instant-read digital thermometers are perfect for spot-checking steaks and chops when grilling over high heat.

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