Household Uses of Mercury Thermometers

Mercury Thermometer

Mercury Thermometer In a mercury-in-glass thermometer, a glass tube is crammed with mercury, and a customary scale is marked on the tube. With changes in temperature, the mercury expands and contracts, and therefore the temperature is often scanning from the size.

Mercury thermometer are often wont to confirm body, liquid, and vapor temperature. Mercury thermometer are utilized in households, laboratory experiments, and industrial applications.

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Household Uses of Mercury Thermometer

Mercury thermometer common menage uses of mercury thermometers embody fever thermometers and kitchen appliances, candy, and meat thermometers.

Fever Thermometers

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Mercury fever thermometers are the product of glass the dimensions of straw, with a silvery-white liquid inside. They are common in many households, schools, and medical facilities. There live 2 general varieties of thermometers that measure body temperature:

Oral/Rectal/baby thermometers, containing about 0.61 grams of mercury. Basal temperature thermometers (used to track slight changes in body temperature), containing about 2.25 grams of mercury.

Is There Mercury in My Thermometer?

If the liquid in the thermometer bulb is any color other than silver, it is not a thermometer.

Educational and Medical Uses of Mercury Thermometer

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Mercury thermometers are also utilized in several applications, including chemical experiments, water and acid baths, blood banks, ovens, and incubators.

Industrial Uses

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Mercury thermometers are used in:
• power plants and piping
• chemical tanks and vats

Phasing out Mercury Thermometer in Industrial and Laboratory Settings

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EPA has launched an attempt to cut back the utilization of mercury-filled non-fever thermometers utilized in industrial settings wherever appropriate alternatives exist.

As part of a partnership EPA developed with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), NIST no longer provides calibration services for mercury thermometers.

You can read more about the impact the decision will have in NIST’s February 2011 press release announcing the change.

In January 2012, EPA issued a final rule incorporating updated ASTM International (ASTM) standards into EPA regulations (PDF)(11 pp, 204 K, About PDF).EXIT These changes provide flexibility to use alternatives to mercury-containing thermometers. The rule applies to certain regulations pertaining to:

To date, multiple ASTM standards are updated to approve the utilization of mercury-free alternatives for temperature measuring. View a list of the updated ASTM standards.

For additional info regarding phasing out industrial mercury thermometers, visit EPA’s Phasing Out of Mercury Thermometers Used in Industrial and Laboratory Settings page.

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Restrictions on Sales of Mercury Fever Thermometer

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Some states and municipalities have passed laws or ordinances barring the manufacture, sale and/or distribution of mercury fever thermometers. This is to assist take away the threat of measuring device breakage and therefore the sequent unharnessed of mercury vapor inside.

At least 13 states California, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Oregon, and Washington — have passed such laws. The Health Care Without Harm website presents information on specific state laws, resolutions, and declarations.

Alternatives to Mercury Fever Thermometer

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A variety of correct and reliable mercury-free fever thermometers are on the market at your native pharmacy. The most similar alternatives to mercury fever thermometers are battery- and solar-powered digital thermometers. These are just like mercury thermometers in each worth and use.

These can all be used orally, rectally, or in the armpit. You should choose a thermometer that is easy to use and read. If you are choosing a battery-powered digital thermometer, choose one that contains a replaceable battery. Some of these thermometers do not have replaceable batteries.

Cleanup and Disposal

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If you break a thermometer while using it or if you improperly dispose of it, the thermometer will release mercury vapors that are harmful to human and ecological health.

• What to do when a mercury fever thermometer breaks/spills.
• How to recycle and dispose of mercury products.

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