The Anti Static Wipes Reviews for 2022 (Better Rated)

Are you searching the static wipes. The Anti Static Wipes are low lint or lint-free disposable clothes which leave no surface residue and have various uses. How do they work?

Using an anti-static wipe allows you not only to wash but helps to scale back the build-up of electricity from a surface.

Anti Static Wipes Reviews

The wipes are especially beneficial to be used within an ESD environment. It is important not to build up a static charge which can damage sensitive equipment.

The wipes Anti-static wipes are safe to use, convenient, practical, quick, and straightforward alternatives to plain chemical products.

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Types of Anti Static Wipes in 2022

Wet anti-static wipes contain a cleaning agent that quickly evaporates after use and is particularly effective in cleaning cables and connectors. Silicone-free wipes are effective with computer cleaning.

Package Types: Bags Boxes Tubs The packs are all re-saleable to ensure that the wipes retain their anti-static qualities. Wipes can be used wet or dry.

Uses. Cables Computers Delicate products and mechanisms Laptops Connectors Plastic Rubber Glass Wood General surface cleaning and maintenance work always read the instructions carefully about the uses for anti-static wipes and what and how they are to be used.

Ensure that you take any necessary precautions protecting components you are cleaning and exposed areas of the skin and eyes.

ACL Anti Static Wipes

Anti Static wipes for critical electronics and semiconductor industry applications where proper protection from ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) is crucial to protecting microchips, electronic devices, and your bottom line.

ESD Anti-Static Wipes

Our ESD anti-static wipes are composed of a polyester knit construction with static dissociative fibers combined with an ultrasonically sealed edge to greatly reduce the risk of particle generation and electrostatic discharge.

In addition, our electronics safe wipes contain critically low levels of ions, are extraditable, and perform exceptionally well on abrasion-sensitive surfaces.

All of our ESD cleaning wipes are engineered to be chemically compatible with common cleaning and disinfecting solutions used in the industry and are laundered and packaged in our ISO Class 4 clean-room.

Dust Anti-Static Wipe

At Berkshire, we believe that the smallest measure can make the biggest difference when it comes to protecting your sensitive electronics from the clutches of ESD.

Anti-static wipes are ideal for the cleaning of frames, display cabinets, vinyl records, or other surfaces that carry a static charge like glass or polyester. Made of special textured Nylon filaments which are soft in texture and provide excellent absorbency.

Removing the static charge prevents dust and debris from being attracted directly back onto the cleaned surface.

Clean room class 10 high specification wipes
Special conductive filaments with superior corona discharge
ISO 14644
Packs of 10 or 50

Wipes size each 203mm x 203mm (8×8″)


Staticide® wipes are the perfect anti-static applicator for keeping electronics and equipment clean and static-free.

Staticide® wipes have an equivalent long-lasting protection against static as our Staticide® topical liquids but offer a one-step cleaning and static control solution.


Staticide® anti-static wipes are safe to use around electronics, and since Staticide® will prevent dust buildup and mud attraction, computer, and laptop screens will stay clean longer just by wiping the plastic housing (avoid wiping directly on screen).

Staticide® wipes also can be used on industrial machinery and parts, and that they are great to use in tight spaces. This product is not for sale in California as it contains 30-40% isopropyl alcohol and does not meet CARB VOC rules.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Anti Static Wipes

Q. What are anti static wipes?

A. Staticide wipes are the perfect anti-static applicator for keeping electronics and equipment clean and static-free. Staticide wipes have the same long-lasting protection against static as our Staticide topical liquids but offer a one-step cleaning and static control solution.

Q. Are screen wipes antibacterial?

A. Most household antibacterial wipes and disinfectants are actually super abrasive and can damage or scratch your phone.

Q. Can I use alcohol wipes on my iPhone?

A. Using a 70 percent isopropanol wipe or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, you’ll gently wipe the outside surfaces of your iPhone. Avoid getting moisture in any openings, and do not submerge your iPhone in any cleaning agents.

Q. What are alcohols wipes?

A. Generic Name: Isopropyl alcohol (topical) Last Updated: August 31, 2020. Isopropyl alcohol kills or prevents the growth of bacteria on the skin.

Q. Do screen wipes disinfect?

A. The safest bet is to use disinfectant wipes that contain 70% isopropanol to wash your phone screen. Another option for day-to-day cleaning is investing in a UV light, such as a Phone Soap.

This UV light company claims to kill 99.99% of germs and banishes bacteria.

Q. How do you make homemade alcohol wipes?

Ans: How to Make All Purpose WIPES

Mix together 2 cups warm water, 1 tablespoon liquid soap, 1 cup rubbing alcohol together–you must use at least 70% rubbing alcohol (90% is better)

Place paper towels in a container that just fits them.

Pour liquid over paper towels.

Now the cardboard tube is easy to pull out.

Q. Can I use antibacterial wipes on my face?

Ans: Being pH neutral, the wipe doesn’t interfere together with your skin’s natural protection while the emollients moisturize your skin. They are ideal for instant clean-ups of your hands, face, and surfaces!

Q. How do you make antibacterial wipes with baby wipes?

Ans: How to Make DIY Disinfectant Wipes

Keep your baby wipes in their original packaging, or transfer them to another container.

Measure out 1 cup of isopropyl alcohol.

Pour the mixture over your baby wipes (in their original packaging or the new container).

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