How to Read a Thermometer

How to Read a Thermometer Perfectly

There are many various sorts of thermometers, and that they have a spread of uses. during this lesson, identify the uses of thermometers, which scale a thermometer is using, and the way how to read a thermometer.

How to Read a Thermometer

What Is a Thermometer?

Have you ever been sick with a fever? quite likely, someone in your family used a thermometer to read your blood heat.

A thermometer may be a device that’s wont to measure temperature, which is how hot or cold something is.

Thermometers can measure the temperature of various things. you’ll use a thermometer to seek out the temperature of the air outdoors or of something you’re cooking within the kitchen.

Let’s discover the way to find the temperature of almost anything by reading a thermometer.

Which Scale?

Temperature is measured in something called degrees. No, not the degree you get from college!

A temperature degree is marked by a little symbol beside the amount that indicates the temperature, like this: 45°.

There are two different scales for measuring temperature: Celsius and Fahrenheit. When reading a thermometer, the primary thing to see in which scale is getting used. Why is that this important?

There are big differences between the scales. each day that’s 28°C would be very warm outside, but each day that’s 28°F would be very cold!

Read a Thermometer


Most thermometers use marks and an arrow, or a liquid that rises up to a line, to point out the temperature. So it should be easy to read, right?

Just look where the arrow is pointing or which line the liquid reaches. Well, it is not always that straightforward.

Many thermometers don’t have single digits listed on them. If they did, thermometers would be incredibly large! to form the smaller, thermometers often show only the fives or tens marks on the thermometer.

These are called increments. Between these increments are little lines that represent the smaller numbers.

So, the primary step is to seem at the numbers and determine what increments the thermometer is using. once you say the increments aloud, are you counting by twos? Fives? Tens? this may help get you started.

How to Read a Thermometer

a. Hold the Thermometer at Eye Level. You must hold the thermometer at the end of the stem, not the bulb end.

 b. Rotate the Thermometer. The stem of the thermometer is not perfectly round.

c. Locate the Nearest Temperature Mark.

d. Determine the Temperature Reading.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a traditional reading on a thermometer?

Ans: Normal blood heat is about 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (°F) or 37 degrees Celsius (°C). the traditional temperature often varies from 1° to 2°F (½° to 1°C).

A traditional temperature is typically lower within the morning and increases during the day.

Q. How does one read a standard thermometer?

Ans: To read a mercury-in-glass thermometer, hold it between your finger and thumb and switch it until you’ll see the purpose on the size.

1. Hold the thermometer by the highest end and shake it down sharply until the mercury falls below the 35C (95F) mark. Sit your child on your lap, facing faraway from you.

Q. What do the numbers on a thermometer mean?

Ans: A temperature degree is marked by a little symbol beside the amount that indicates the temperature, like this: 45°.

There are two different scales for measuring temperature: Celsius and Fahrenheit. When reading a thermometer, the primary thing to see in which scale is getting used.

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