The Best Forehead Thermometer Accuracy: Reviews & Rated

If you’re looking for a forehead thermometer accuracy, we recommend the dual-function iProven DMT-489. Most thermometers will read your temperature accurately. But really good ones should also be fast and easy to read – so you can quickly figure out what to do if you or your kid is sick. If you’re looking for an oral/rectal/axillary thermometer, our top pick is the Vicks ComfortFlex.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, some or all of our picks may be sold out. Any digital thermometer you find at a pharmacy right now should be okay at reading body temperature.

Also, keep in mind that it’s fine to borrow a thermometer, as long as you sanitize it between uses. But if you want to buy a thermometer online right now, we’ve found a few options that are still available.

Baby thermometers use the same heat-sensing technology as those for adults. We will continue monitoring stock on these. Basal body temperature (BBT) thermometers, which are often used for fertility tracking, should also work; just make sure the one you buy has a wide enough range to measure fever.

Aim: To compare infrared tympanic and forehead thermometer measurements with traditional rectal digital thermometers.

Methods: A total of 254 children (137 girls) aged one to 24 months (median 7 months) consulting a private pediatric practice because of fever were prospectively recruited. Body temperature was measured using three different devices.

Results: The median and interquartile range for rectal, tympanic and forehead thermometer accuracy were 37.6 (37.1-38.4)°C, 37.5 (37.0-38.1)°C and 37.5 (37.1-37.9)°C, respectively (p < 0.01). The limits of agreement in the Bland-Altman plots were -0.73 to +1.04°C for the tympanic thermometer and -1.18 to +1.64°C for the forehead thermometer accuracy.

The specificity of both the tympanic and forehead thermometers for detecting fever above 38°C was good, but sensitivity was low. Forehead measurements were susceptible to the use of a radiant warmer.

Buying Guide

To ensure you’re getting accurate readings and giving the simplest care possible to your family, there are a couple of belongings you can’t skimp on when choosing the simplest forehead thermometer.

Although they need all been designed differently and with unique features, there are some must-haves to seem for when on the search for your new forehead thermometer.


The forehead thermometer accuracy is the most important feature, as inaccurate readings can lead to further health issues or misdiagnosed patients. Some thermometers include a setup that allows you to get the right temperature, whereas others can be tested to ensure they are working correctly.


Compared to mercury thermometers, the simplest forehead thermometer will have safety in mind. They’re made with soft edges that can’t be harmful to babies, FDA approved and with no harmful materials within, and have covered battery casing to ensure your children can’t get inside.


Although it’s possible to urge a thermometer that displays one among another, the latest devices allow you to modify between Celsius and Fahrenheit when showing degrees. This can usually be adjusted during setup and may meet the user to whichever standard of measurement they use.


One major advantage of owning a digital thermometer is the ability to read it within the dark if you’re taking the temperature of a sleeping child. The display of a thermometer usually has a back-light for reading in the dark and is displayed in digital format so it’s easy to read. Some also can flash on and off to point a fever or other warnings that may be relevant.


Most forehead thermometers accompany sounds within the device, usually to point when it’s able to check the temperature or to point out once the temperature has been read.

Although they will be convenient, they will even be a hassle as they could wake a sleeping child, so search for one with a silent mode option if possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Forehead Thermometer Accuracy

Q. What is a normal forehead temperature?

Answer: Body temperature may be a measure of your body’s ability to form and obtain obviate heat. If you tell your doctor about your temperature reading, make certain to mention where it had been taken. On the forehead or within the mouth, rectum, armpit, or ear. Normal: The average normal temperature is 98.6°F (37°C).

Q. Is forehead thermometer accurate?

Answer: Rectal temps are the most accurate. Forehead temps are the next most accurate. Oral and ear temps also are accurate if done properly. Temps wiped out the armpit are the smallest amount accurate.

Q. What is a fever with forehead thermometer?

Answer: Your child features a fever if he or she: features a rectal, ear, or cerebral artery temperature of 100.4 F (38 C) or higher. Has an oral temperature of 100 F (37.8 C) or higher. Has an armpit temperature of 99 F (37.2 C) or higher.

Q. Why is my forehead hot but no fever?

Answer: When the skin feels hot to the touch, it often means the body’s temperature is hotter than normal. This can happen due to an infection or an illness, but it can also be caused by an environmental situation that increases body temperature.

Conclusion on Forehead Thermometer Accuracy

There’s no good excuse why every home shouldn’t have their own digital thermometer at the ready for whenever a loved one becomes sick, and particularly once they can work from the very early infant years and right into adulthood.

This is one device that works just as well for every member of the family, and if you invest in one that’s quality enough it could last your youngest baby up until when they finally decide to leave home.

After considering all of the choices for the simplest forehead thermometer and which one would be ideal to be used together with your family, the apparent pick is that the iProven Medical Thermometer. This is by far the best quality of all of the options and gives more accuracy and reliability than the rest.

If you interested in checking other best thermometers be sure to check the Best Thermometer for Toddlers and these other articles.


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