The Fitbit Inspire Review for 2024 (Best Watch)

Are you searching the Fitbit? The Fitbit Inspire is Fitbit’s rearmost fitness shamus and the cheapest wearable you can now buy from the company.

The Fitbit Inspire offers introductory exertion- and sleep-tracking for a little lower plutocrat than the Inspire HR, but it misses out on several features, not just the heart-rate monitoring as indicated by the product name.

Price on Today

It is not inspired, but the Inspire does the job if you want a step counter with style, and not much more.

Fitbit Inspire

The Fitbit Inspire is a fitness tracker produced by Fitbit, a company specializing in wearable health and fitness technology. The Fitbit Inspire is designed to help users monitor their physical activity, sleep patterns, and overall wellness.

Key features of the Fitbit Inspire typically include:

Activity Tracking: The device can track various activities like steps taken, distance travelled, active minutes, and calories burned. It encourages users to stay active and reach their daily activity goals.

Sleep Monitoring: The Fitbit Inspire can analyze sleep patterns, providing insights into the duration and quality of sleep. It might offer features like sleep stages tracking and suggestions for improving sleep habits.

Heart Rate Monitoring: Many models of the Fitbit Inspire include a built-in heart rate monitor. This feature allows users to track their heart rate during exercise and throughout the day, giving them a better understanding of their cardiovascular health.

Smartphone Integration: The Inspire can sync with smartphones to provide notifications for calls, texts, and other smartphone alerts directly on the device. It might also allow users to control music playback on their phones.

Water Resistance: The Fitbit Inspire is usually designed to be water-resistant, making it suitable for activities like swimming or other water-based workouts.

Long Battery Life: Fitbit devices generally have decent battery life, allowing users to wear them for several days without needing to recharge.

Wireless Syncing: Fitbit devices can typically sync wirelessly with smartphones or computers. This syncing allows users to view their activity data in the Fitbit app or web dashboard.

The 5 Best Fitbit Inspire Review for 2024

Fitbit Inspire: The original Fitbit Inspire model offered essential fitness tracking features like step counting, distance tracking, calorie burn monitoring, and sleep tracking. It featured a slim design and interchangeable bands.

Fitbit Inspire HR: This model added continuous heart rate monitoring to the features of the original Inspire. This feature allowed users to track their heart rate throughout the day, during workouts, and sleep.

Fitbit Inspire 2: The Fitbit Inspire 2 built upon the features of the previous models by introducing Active Zone Minutes, a metric that tracked both moderate and vigorous activity. It also included advanced sleep tracking and offered a longer battery life.

Fitbit Inspire 3 (Hypothetical): While I don’t have specific information about an Inspire 3 model, Fitbit might have released a new version with additional features and improvements. This is purely speculative, and I recommend checking the official Fitbit website for the latest information.

Fitbit Inspire Luxe (Hypothetical): Similar to the previous point, Fitbit might have introduced a more premium version of the Inspire series, potentially called “Inspire Luxe.” This could come with upgraded materials, design, and features compared to the standard models.

Our Quick Take

The Fitbit Inspire is a slim, swish, and leakproof exertion shamus that offers great performance in the features it offers, while also offering multitudinous accessories to change the look.

Its biggest problem is Inspire HR, which offers significantly further features and useful bones too for only a little further.

The Inspire only offers introductory shadowing and introductory sleep shadowing- and while it does both well, the £ 70 RRP is a lot to pay for what’s enough pedometer. Fortunately, deals have made this further affordable and opened this gap up a little further.

We love the Sangria model of the Inspire and we enjoyed wearing it for its comfort and slyness, but we would recommend spending the redundant plutocrat for the Inspire HR to get the most out of Fitbit’s excellent platform and everything it offers.

Fitbit Inspire Design and Screen

Still and also just like the Inspire HR, there is a conspicuous shift in aesthetics, if you are comparing the Inspire with the Alta it directly replaces. The discreet, elegant design of its precursor is out and in its place, you will find an everyday.

You get an exchangeable silicone band holding in place a grayscale OLED touchscreen display, with a single physical button on the left side of the shamus.

The elision of the heart rate examiner from the reverse means it’s a little slimmer than the Inspire HR, but not by a great deal. It’s light and comfortable enough to wear day and night.

Like the Inspire HR, it does support the new clip accessory that will let you attach it to a band, belt, or other item of apparel.


Also to the Apple Watch Series 6 smartwatch, the Fitbit Inspire 2 comes with two different bands to fit both small and large wrists.

There’s indeed a companion on the Fitbit Inspire 2 runner to print out if you’d like to determine your sizing ahead of time. The small band fits 5.5 ″ –7.1 ″ circumference wrists and the large band fits a7.1 ″ –8.7 ″ wrists.

I set up the Inspire 2 to be both fluently malleable (due to the buckle) and comfortable to wear. I was concerned about wearing it to bed to get the correct sleep data but it didn’t beget any problems.

It was inversely comfortable when doing an emphatic drill. I didn’t notice it moving around and it was easy to wipe sweat off the silicone band.


Although the Inspire 2 has further introductory technology than some wearables, it still gives a variety of good data in an easy-to-condensation manner.

The Metrics

Besides the common step counting, distance shadowing, and calorie-burning criteria you’d anticipate seeing on a fitness shamus, the Inspire 2 offers extras beyond that.

One of my favourite features is the active zone twinkles that Fitbit has lately added to numerous of their fitness trackers. The active zone twinkles count the time you spend with your heart rate high enough to burn fat.

To get your individual fat burn heart rate, you’ll need to input data like age and weight as well as allow the Inspire 2 to get a good read on your regular HR. This is one of the upgrades made that the Fitbit Inspire HR doesn’t have.

Many other cool features include guided breathing sessions to reduce stress, an all-day heart rate shadowing, and a SmartTrack point to ensure you’re working out – indeed if you forgot to start an exertion timekeeper.


1. Leak proof to 50m

2. Way, distance, and calorie shadowing

3. Smartphone announcements

4. Sleep shadowing

The Fitbit Inspire might look veritably analogous to the Inspire HR but it only offers a bit of the features.

All-day exertion- and sleep-shadowing are on board, as well as womanish health shadowing, and the Inspire has Fitbit’s SmartTrack point for automatic exercise recognition too but that is enough as far as its features go.

Exertion shadowing includes way taken, calories burned, distance traveled, and active twinkles, while sleep shadowing includes time awake, time asleep, and time restless.

There are no advanced sleep stages like you get with the Inspire HR however and there are no exercise modes on the Inspire either- so you can’t manually force the Inspire to record a bike drill, for illustration.

Connected GPS, heart-rate monitoring, Guided Breathing sessions, and Cardio Fitness Level all warrant, whereas the Inspire HR offers these for just £ 20 further. Syncope shadowing is not available either, despite the Inspire immolation waterproofing to 50 measures.

What You Need to Know

The Fitbit Inspire is a stripped-down interpretation of the Fitbit Inspire HR. That means it shares the same form factor, the same screen, and – for the first time in living memory – the same bowl.

The element that’s been stripped out is the heart-rate detector, hence the lack of “ HR ” in the title. That means it can’t tell you your twinkle, obviously, but that has a knock-on effect on other effects.

It prevents the guided breathing exercises, stops the Fitbit app from giving you a cardio fitness position, and strips sleep shadowing of the capability to describe different stages.

Lower inexplicably, Fitbit has also removed the connected GPS functionality, meaning it won’t give you run data on your wrist.

Given all the heavy lifting for this is done on your phone, there’s no specialized reason it can’t do this, so it feels a bit bloody inclined of Fitbit to drop it, but there we are.

Fitbit Inspire Performance

The core functions of the Fitbit Inspire are the same as that of the Inspire HR. That means you put it on your wrist and forget about it, while it dutifully counts your way and congratulates you when you hit the target.

Sometimes it’ll tell you to move if you’ve been sedentary for too long, and it’ll also buzz through call and communication announcements from your phone.

The trouble is that there’s not much further I can say than that. It’s comfortable enough and the screen is bright, but this is a enough introductory device when all is said and done.

Indeed the sleep tracking simply tells you that you’re sleeping or not grounded on movement, with none of the clever sleep-stage tracking the Fitbit Inspire HR offers. That means the difference between this on the Fitbit Inspire.

Fitbit Inspire Announcements and Extras

Like Inspire HR, in terms of smartwatch features, you are getting announcement support for calls, textbooks, and apps and that is your lot.

To the utmost, that is presumably going to cut it, but you are not getting full apps or payment features, which are reserved for Fitbit’s smartwatches and further decoration fitness trackers.

As far as performance goes, these features work much in the way they do on the heart rate packing interpretation of the Inspire.

You will feel a wobbling buzz when they come through and enough all announcements have to be scrolled through to read them entirely. A wider screen would be more desirable for the point to be more useful, but it does a decent job displaying dispatches without feeling exorbitantly confined.


1. What is the Fitbit Inspire?

The Fitbit Inspire is a line of fitness trackers designed to monitor physical activity, sleep patterns, and overall health. It provides features such as step tracking, heart rate monitoring, sleep analysis, and smartphone notifications.

2. What are the key features of the Fitbit Inspire?

Key features often include activity tracking (steps, distance, calories burned), heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, water resistance, smartphone notifications, and long battery life.

3. Is the Fitbit Inspire waterproof?

Most Fitbit Inspire models are water-resistant rather than fully waterproof. They can handle splashes and brief immersion in water, but they’re not designed for deep-water activities like diving. Fitbit might provide specific water resistance ratings for each model.

4. Can I track my heart rate with the Fitbit Inspire?

Yes, many models of the Fitbit Inspire include a heart rate monitor. This allows you to track your heart rate during exercise, monitor your resting heart rate, and gain insights into your overall cardiovascular health.

5. Can I receive notifications from my smartphone on the Fitbit Inspire?

Yes, some Fitbit Inspire models offer smartphone notifications. You can receive call, text, and app notifications on your tracker when it’s connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

6. How accurate is the sleep tracking feature?

Fitbit’s sleep tracking feature uses a combination of motion sensors and heart rate data to estimate your sleep patterns. While it provides valuable insights into your sleep duration and patterns, it might not be as accurate as medical-grade sleep tracking devices.

7. Can I change the bands on the Fitbit Inspire?

Yes, many Fitbit Inspire models allow you to swap out the bands. Fitbit often provides a variety of band styles and colors to choose from.

8. How do I sync data from my Fitbit Inspire to my phone or computer?

Fitbit devices typically sync wirelessly with the Fitbit app on your smartphone or the Fitbit dashboard on your computer. This requires Bluetooth connectivity and an internet connection.

9. How long does the battery of the Fitbit Inspire last?

Battery life varies by model and usage, but Fitbit Inspire devices generally offer several days of battery life on a single charge.

10. Can I track specific exercises with the Fitbit Inspire?

Yes, Fitbit Inspire devices often have exercise modes that allow you to track specific activities like running, cycling, or workouts. These modes may provide more accurate data for the chosen activity.

To Recap

The Fitbit Inspire is a slim, swish, and leakproof exertion shamus that offers great performance in the features it offers, whilst also offering multitudinous accessories to change the look.

We would recommend spending the redundant plutocrat for Inspire HR to get the most out of Fitbit’s excellent platform and everything it offers, however.

The Fitbit Inspire is a line of fitness trackers designed to help users monitor their physical activity, sleep patterns, and overall wellness. It offers features such as activity tracking (steps, distance, calories burned), heart rate monitoring, sleep analysis, water resistance, smartphone notifications, and interchangeable bands. While not fully waterproof, many models are water-resistant enough to handle splashes and brief immersion.

Fitbit Inspire models come with various features and capabilities, and they have evolved. The Fitbit Inspire HR added continuous heart rate monitoring, and the Fitbit Inspire 2 introduced Active Zone Minutes and advanced sleep tracking. There might have been newer models or updates beyond what I’m aware of.

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