The Best Work Shoes for Diabetics for 2024 (Review & Rated)

Are you searching the shoes for diabetics? The best work shoes for diabetics walking are one of the most current ways to support your body’s health, particularly if you have diabetes. Walking helps to encourage circulation, mainly in the lower boundaries, like the feet.

Since diabetes often distresses the feet, it is important to choose the right couple of diabetic walking shoes and diabetic socks so your feet are comfortable, safe, and properly maintained.

Best Work Shoes for Diabetics

Diabetes can be quite the challenge to the average hardworking construction site worker, handyman, factory worker, or operator, and you know it as you’re perhaps one of them and that’s why you’re here, right?

In good health, I’ve composed a shortlist of some of the best work boots for diabetics in our view.

About Work Shoes for Diabetics

Work shoes for individuals with diabetes are specially designed footwear to provide comfort, protection, and support for those who have diabetes. Diabetes can lead to a variety of foot-related complications, including neuropathy (nerve damage), poor circulation, and an increased risk of foot ulcers and infections. Proper work shoes for diabetics are crucial to minimize these risks and maintain overall foot health.

Here are some key features and considerations for work shoes for diabetics:

Comfort: Diabetic work shoes should offer excellent cushioning and support to reduce pressure and friction on the feet. They should have ample room in the toe box to accommodate any foot deformities or swelling.

Arch Support: Good arch support is important to distribute weight evenly across the foot and reduce strain on the feet. Custom orthotic insoles or shoes with removable insoles may be recommended for those with specific arch support needs.

Seamless Interior: The interior of the shoe should be seamless or have minimal seams to prevent rubbing and irritation that could lead to blisters or ulcers.

Breathability: Shoes should be made from breathable materials to help keep the feet dry and prevent excessive moisture, which can promote fungal infections.

Diabetic-Friendly Insoles: Some diabetic work shoes come with specially designed insoles that provide extra cushioning and support while also managing moisture.

Wide Sizes: Many people with diabetes experience foot swelling, so it’s essential to choose shoes that come in a range of widths to accommodate changes in foot size throughout the day.

Protective Features: Steel-toed work shoes are common in many industries for safety reasons. For diabetic individuals in such professions, it’s essential to find steel-toed shoes with ample padding and a roomy toe box to prevent pressure points.

Adjustable Closures: Shoes with adjustable closures, such as Velcro straps or laces, allow for a customized fit and accommodate changes in foot size.

Non-Slip Soles: If you work in an environment where slipping hazards are a concern, choose work shoes with non-slip soles for added safety.

Regular Inspections: Regardless of the type of work shoes you choose, it’s crucial to inspect your feet regularly for any signs of irritation, redness, or sores. Catching and addressing potential issues early can prevent more severe complications.

Remember that not all diabetic work shoes are created equal, and the right choice will depend on your specific foot condition and work environment. It’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional, such as a podiatrist, to determine the most suitable footwear for your needs.

Additionally, insurance plans may cover the cost of diabetic shoes with a prescription from a healthcare provider, so be sure to check your coverage options.

In this blog post, you can find:

The Best Women’s Walking Shoes for Diabetics for 2024

1. Joelle Stretchable Women’s Walking Shoe

2. Sanibel Women’s Mary Jane Walking Shoes

3. Verona Women’s Walking Sandals

4. Verve Tie-less Lace Women’s Walking Shoes

The Best Men’s Walking Shoes for Diabetics

1. Sorrento Men’s Outdoor Walking Shoes

2. Ventura Men’s Walking Shoes

3. Hunter Men’s Walking Boots

Reviews of the Best Work Shoes for Diabetics

1. Dr. Comfort Ranger Therapeutic Diabetic Work Boot

2. Dr Comfort Protector diabetic boots with toe defence

3. Orthofeet Orthopedic Diabetic High Top Boots

-Do I need diabetic work boots when I have diabetes?

-How does diabetes impact foot health?

-What are the assistances of wearing diabetic work boots?

The Best Women’s Walking Shoes for Diabetics for 2024

1. Joelle Stretchable Women’s Walking Shoe

If you are looking for an easy-on/off-the-shoe, look no further. The Joelle is an everyday casual best-work shoe for diabetics that features stretchy laces and a hanger and ring strap for an adjustable fit and easy slip-on.

The fabric uppers integrate spandex giving it a 360 stretch that can expand and contract depending on your bottom size and form.

A non-binding fit and smooth, all-in-one centre joint with a high, wide toe box offers maximum protection against pressure points and prevents resistance when you walk.

Joelle offers detachable complexity to accommodate orthotics and comprises a functional orthotic insole and pillow system with air pockets designed to support and support the foot inside the sneaker.

Foam stuffing along the forefoot, as well as a soft, padded neckline at the heel help to cushion and protect the foot in the most vulnerable parts.

Joelle is available in multiple breadths up to extra wide (4E) so you can ensure the perfect fit for your particular foot type. A classic black or neutral silver/grey will make you desirous to buy both colours!

These sneakers are certified by Medicare and are qualified as women’s therapeutic shoes under code A5500 of the Diabetic Shoe Bill, offering an outstanding solution for those seeking women’s diabetic walking shoes.

2. Sanibel Women’s Mary Jane Walking Shoes

Orthofeet’s Sanibel Mary Jane has a gratifying silhouette and full adjustability. Containing a hook and loop fastening across the top of the foot, as well as at the back of the heel, this shoe is the ultimate in comfort.

Adjustability in both these areas protections that your feet never slip or rub inside the shoe, which is important for those with diabetes.

The high, extensive, rounded toe box provides adequate room inside the shoe to ensure your feet move properly and never feel pressure or annoyance.

Sanibel includes a premium orthotic insole and ergonomic soles to support the arch, align the body, cushion the feet, and enable proper movement. Added complexity allows space for a custom orthotic or diabetic insole if needed.

The seamless coatings & soft, pillow-soft interior keep feet cushioned and protected to ensure there are no coatings or pressure inside the shoe. And since this is a Mary Jane style, it can be securely worn without socks and still offer moderate contact with the skin.

Sanibel is offered in extended breadths from contracted up to extra-wide, allowing it to fit any foot type and outline.

3. Verona Women’s Walking Sandals

Verona women’s sandals by Orthofeet are engineered with the most advanced footwear technology to enhance comfort and assuage pain, in an upper that endorses air circulation and is perfect for heater climates.

Lightweight, mild rocker soles fascinate impact and cushion every step, improving the ease of walking and plummeting pain.

The closed-toe design offers increased defence to the forefoot or anyone who is not keen on showing their toes.

Verona offers an adjustable fit with both a hook & loop strap across the heel and a fastening at the forefoot to help prevent slippage. It is also one of few sandals where the orthotic can be removed to accommodate a custom device.

Superior mischievous support and 5 layers of hi-tech cushioning improve leg & ankle alignment, enhancing comfort and easing stress and pain on the heel, ball of the foot, knees, hips, and back. Verona is available in principal black and pewter that pairs well with any outfit colour scheme.

4. Verve Tie-less Lace Women’s Walking Shoes

Orthofeet’s Verve has an exclusive, customizable fit system that ensures your feet have all the support they need to feel their best. The one-of-a-kind Tie-less lace system combines laces and fastenings on both sides of the shoe, removing the need for tying laces.

The adaptable heel strap allows you to adjust the grasp around the heel for a fully customized fit and to ensure you don’t have any heel slippage.

Verve includes premium insoles that feature an antimicrobial top cover that wicks dampness away from the feet to keep them healthy & clean. The insole’s arch support correctly aligns the feet & lower body to enhance your movement while walking.

The Best Men’s Walking Shoes for Diabetics

1. Sorrento Men’s Outdoor Walking Shoes

Sorrento Outdoor Men’s Shoes are frivolous shoes that offer comfort and defence for those who enjoy time walking or hiking outdoors. The hard-wearing upper along with the forefoot toe protector, and metal lace holes make this shoe perfect for your rocky adventures.

The soft, protective internal is constructed with seam-free linings to eliminate pressure points and resistance against the skin, which is especially important for those with diabetes.

Foam stuffing at the heel and along the forefoot of the shoes offers additional cushioning and support while creating a tranquil, comfortable fit.

The stretchable uppers, along with the deep, wide toe box provide extra room for toe movement while easing pressure on bunions & hammertoes.

Sorrento Outdoor Men’s Shoes include a removable functional orthotic insole and an ergonomic sole to facilitate the proper alignment and walk.

2. Ventura Men’s Walking Shoes

Ventura Men’s Walking Shoes are made with full-ounce leather uppers to offer long-lasting durability yet soft enough to create a pressure-free fit for the foot.

Three hook and loop clasps across the instep offer maximum adjustability and make them super suitable to put on and take off. This is helpful for those with arthritis or who have difficulty bending down removing the need to lace constantly.

Ventura is designed with a functional pad that supports the arch, aligns the feet and body, and keeps everything in the optimum neutral position. Its cushioning foot is made with multiple layers of shock-fascinating foams and gives you the feeling of walking on air.

Diabetic feet will experience comfort and protection with the completely seamless inner and plush padding around the foot. No longer will your heel experience blisters or your instep get annoying thanks to the extra cushioning in those areas.

A round and bigheartedly wide toe box will promote maximum toe flexibility, minimize overlapping and resistance, and create a pressure-free fit no matter how wide your forefoot is.

These sneakers are certified by Medicare and are qualified as men’s beneficial shoes under code A5500 of the best work shoes for diabetics Bill, offering an excellent solution for those seeking men’s diabetic walking shoes.

3. Hunter Men’s Walking Boots

Orthofeet’s Hunter Men’s Walking Boots are a staple for every piece of clothing. Whether you are working 12-hour days, taking a wander on the off-beaten path, or simply running shops, this shoe will deliver it all.

Thanks to its advanced engineering, the Hunter eases foot and heel pain and improves ankle stability, leaving you comfortable all day long.

The removable insole is constructed with a unique air pocket under the heel to add cushioning to the naturally retreating fat pad and scatters shock forces for a softer stride.

Covered with an anti-microbial top cover, the insole uses state-of-the-art materials to drive away bacteria and mushrooms and keep feet clean and odour-free even on the hardest days.

The flexible and durable fabric upper ensures a pressure-free environment for your feet including those with bulges, hammertoes, or sensitive feet.

Coupled with the padded interior, particularly around the heel and tongue, these shoes will keep your diabetic feet protected and swelling-free.

Although a boot, Hunter is constructed on a lightweight, ergonomic sole with a mild devotee bottom that provides superior cushioning and propels feet forward with minimal joint motion.

These boots offer the defence and durability of a boot with the comfort and support of a sneaker, making them a larger option for those who enjoy expenditure time outdoors.

Appraisals of the Best Work Shoes for Diabetics

Satisfactory, now let’s check out these bad boys individually and see some pros and cons and other useful information!

1. Dr. Comfort Ranger Therapeutic Diabetic Work Boot

The first entry on the list is Dr. Comfort’s Men’s Diabetic Workboot which brings tough, durable defense from worksite hazards while being gentle and comfortable for diabetics. That dynamic can be hard to achieve.

The theoretical “sweet spot” whilst elusive, is attained on this pair of diabetic work boots. The boots feature a durable rocky design flattered by a lace-up closure and high-quality leather.

This pair of work boots is made for the hardworking diabetic who, more than anything requires extra comfort and care. Designed as advantageous work boots, they combine excellent comfort and support with an insubstantial building that prevents fatigue over extended periods.

Consumer Impressions


The lightweight lace-up with hook and ring fastenings makes the boots quite comfortable. The boots are perfect for diabetics who seek larger comfort and reliable protection against damage while working.

These work boots come with removable gel pad inserts. This allows you to easily customize and recover the comfort levels depending on your specific needs.

The work boots score high in style points and are among my favourite all-time boots. Whether you need protection at a job site or additional comfort during walks, these boots have it all.

A soft leather upper and a seamless padded collar and coating ensure your feet are safe from irritation and abrasion which can cause injury in diabetics. The insole provides unparalleled contour-hugging comfort with superior functional arch support.


Compared to other models, the work shoes have a poor water-resistant rating which makes working them on the wet outer surface very painful. They have a propensity to soak up water.

These boots don’t have an air-cushioned midsole that refutes the discomfort of working on hard tangible surfaces. A handful of complaints have arisen on how uncomfortable they are without additional insole inserts.

2. Dr Comfort Protector Diabetic Boots with Toe Protection

The protector work boot is an all-around work boot designed for use by diabetics, stiff people, and people suffering from neuropathy, just to mention a few.

It features exquisite expertise and a host of features designed to deliver superior comfort and safety. These work boots offer supreme functional arch support and a relaxed fit that makes them one of the best choices for diabetic people working long hours on-site.

Dr Comfort is a well-respected therapeutic work shoe manufacturer with an extensive portfolio of Orthopedic work boots fashioned by expert hands.

The boots are made out of high-quality materials with importance on a lightweight build without compromising on the safety features.

Consumer Impressions


This Protector Workboot is especially caused with diabetic people in mind. They incorporate features uniquely attuned to ease any negative stimuli that would otherwise cause damage.

The boots offer anatomical arch support together with premium orthotic insoles that gently hug the contours of your feet.

The boots have a roomy toe box that allows you to wiggle your toes and avoid compressing and possibly irritating your feet. This improves circulation and restores some impressions in your feet.

A bio-mechanically engineered ortho-cushion system uses an air cushion instrument that softens the impact from the ground even on uneven, hard, and rough surfaces. Every step you take is a comfortable pain-free experience.

The lightweight build permits you to stay active on your feet all day long and with anatomical arch support, the last thing you’ll be perturbing about is foot and knee pains. This makes the Protector the perfect pair of work boots for long projects.

The lightweight rubber outsole is slip-resistant meaning these boots are safe for working on wet or oily surfaces.


The manufacturer doesn’t specifically state whether or not these work boots have any form of charge debauchery. This means that working on live exposed electrical circuits is a risky proposition for the wearer.

Going by the lightweight theme, these boots lack a steel midsole insert that would make the boot pierce-proof. Injuries from walking on sharp objects can be debilitating especially for diabetics.

3. Orthofeet Orthopedic Diabetic High Top Boots

Well, this pair of work boots is exactly that, stylish, durable, tough, and most importantly, they are super comfortable.

Ranked among the highest-rated diabetic work boots, the Orthofeet high-top work boots are quite imposing to look at and even more so to work and walk in.

The boots are perfect for people with stiffness, knee problems, and a host of other conditions.

They are designed to assuage any pain and symptoms associated with diabetes and associated conditions.

Comfort is another area the boots particularly excel at.


The lightweight lace-up with hook and ring straps makes the boots quite comfortable. The boots are perfect for diabetics who pursue superior comfort and reliable protection against damage while working.

These work boots come with removable gel insole inserts. This allows you to easily customize and improve the comfort levels depending on your precise needs.

The work boots score high in style points and are among my favourite all-time boots. Whether you need protection at a job site or additional comfort during walks, these boots have it all.

A soft leather upper and a seamless padded collar and lining ensure your feet are safe from irritation and abrasion which can cause injury in diabetics. The insole provides unparalleled contour-hugging comfort with superior anatomical arch support.


Compared to other models, the work shoes have a poor water-resistant rating which makes working in them on wet exteriors very uncomfortable. They tend to soak up water.

These boots don’t have an air-cushioned midsole that refutes the discomfort of working on hard concrete surfaces. A handful of complaints have ascended on how uncomfortable they are without additional insole inserts.

Do I Need Diabetic Work Boots When I Have Diabetes?

Some people think because they have diabetes, they need diabetic shoes. But that is not the circumstance. It is based on the condition of your blood circulation, and it depends upon the current state of your feet and overall health. Do you have neuropathy?

If you don’t have it, that’s good. But if you have any of the well-known complications or you have the feeling your feet hurt, it’s a sign you need to buy the right shoes as soon as possible, to avoid any further damage to your feet. 

Below are some of the key elements the best work shoes for diabetics should have;

1. A steel toe

2. Durable leather uppers for extra defence

3. A spacious toe box so your feet won’t be overcrowded together

4. To protect your soles you will need a shock-absorbent and pierce-resistant midsole

5. Diabetics have a common issue of muscle exhaustion. Especially when you’re a person who has a very tough schedule. One cannot run from this routine, but a comfortable shoe can give you some respite

6. Breathable work boots for diabetics are also very important

7. The softer the sole from the inside, the more agreeable your walk will be. So, always try to buy boots with a soft inner and a tough outsole

8. Diabetic Steel-toe shoes are no less than a blessing for people working in industries or at building sites

9. Water-resistant diabetic shoes or a water-resistant shoe skin membrane are a must for outdoor adventures

10. A diabetic shoe insole that holds the feet and protects them from any possible complications

How Does Diabetes Impact Foot Health?

Diabetic neuropathy is a condition that affects 60-70% of people with diabetes. It causes injury to the nerves in your legs and feet, which can cause you to lose impression in the affected areas.

So, you may not be able to feel cuts or sores on your feet or feel unsafe temperatures, which can lead to serious infections or foot health issues.

About 1 in 3 people with diabetes over the age of 50 have a condition known as outlying vascular disease. This condition causes reduced blood flow, which can significantly slow healing time for wounds or cuts.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Diabetic Work Boots?

Best work shoes for diabetics keep your feet safe from all the dangers you may happenstance at your workplace. It protects your feet from falling objects, chemical or electrical hazards, compressions, or while preparing heavy gear.

Furthermore, they are very comfortable and durable. They have customized features that relieve your feet from any pain.

Here Are Some Basic Requirements for a Diabetic Work Boot

1. A steel toe and electrostatic charge debauchery

2. A shock-absorbent and pierce-resistant midsole to protect against penetrating wounds

3. Waterproof and oil-resistant materials are slip-resistant

4. The work boots should be of a high-quality build and provide long-lasting comfort over extended work periods

5. The boot should preferably have a breathable mesh and moisture-absorbent materials with some sort of odour protection

6. A big enough toe box that can endure enormous impact forces and leave enough wiggle room

7. A deep heel cup that panels the motion and comfortably cups the heel

Buying Guideline

Choosing the best work shoes for diabetics is crucial for maintaining foot health and preventing complications.

Here’s a buying guide to help you select the right work shoes for diabetics:

Consult Your Doctor: Before purchasing diabetic work shoes, consult your healthcare provider or podiatrist. They can assess your specific needs and provide recommendations tailored to your condition.

Comfort and Fit

Opt for shoes that fit well with extra room for your toes to move. Avoid tight or constricting shoes. Look for cushioning and padding, especially around the heel, arch, and ball of the foot. Consider shoes with adjustable closures like Velcro straps or laces to accommodate swelling.

Diabetic-Friendly Features

Seamless interiors: Avoid shoes with seams or rough stitching inside that may cause friction and blisters. Extra-depth: Choose shoes with extra depth to accommodate orthotic insoles if needed. Removable insoles: This allows you to replace the insoles with custom orthotics or specialized diabetic insoles. Protective toe box: Consider shoes with a roomy and reinforced toe box to prevent pressure and injuries.

Support and Stability

Arch support: Ensure the shoes provide adequate arch support to reduce strain on your feet. Firm heel counter: A sturdy heel counter helps with stability and proper alignment.


Breathable materials like leather or mesh can help keep your feet dry and reduce the risk of fungal infections. Avoid shoes with synthetic materials that don’t breathe well.

Non-Slip Soles

Slip-resistant outsoles are important for workplace safety, especially if your job involves walking on slippery surfaces.

Lightweight and Shock Absorption

Lightweight shoes reduce fatigue during long work hours. Look for shoes with good shock absorption to reduce pressure on your feet and joints.

Easy to Clean

Choose work shoes that are easy to clean and maintain to prevent bacterial or fungal infections.

Diabetes-Specific Brands

Consider reputable brands that specialize in diabetic footwear, such as Dr. Comfort, Drew Shoe, or Orthofeet.

Price: Quality diabetic work shoes can be an investment, but they are worth it for the health of your feet. Consider them as an essential medical expense.


Q. Are there special shoes for diabetics?

A. Diabetic shoes are sometimes referred to as extra depth, therapeutic shoes, or Sugar Shoes. They are specially designed shoes, or shoe inserts, envisioned to reduce the risk of skin failure in diabetics with existing foot disease.

Q. Can diabetics get free shoes?

A. How do I get free diabetic shoes? Sometimes beneficiaries may qualify for diabetic inserts and shoes at no charge. You’ll need to have your doctor certify that the shoes are necessary for your health.

Let’s Wrap It Up

All three entries on this list have earned their place by being the best in their classes. Dr. Comfort Protector diabetic work boots are a whole other level of threatening and durable. The lace-up, hook, and loop features are our personal favourites.

However, the best work shoes for diabetics, in our estimation, are the Dr. Comfort Ranger Therapeutic Diabetic Work Boot. These are an excellent pick for any diabetic seeking good-looking styling, supreme comfort, and unmatched safety features.

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