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The Best Keto Test Strips for 2021 – Reviews & Guideline

If you’re following the best keto test strips diet, one among the primary belongings you likely learned was that filling your plate with many healthy fats (think salmon, avocado, nuts, and seeds) and cutting way back on carbs can eventually put you in ketosis. In this metabolic state, your body burns stored fat instead of carbohydrates, which can lead to weight loss. But how do you actually know whether or not you’ve achieved ketosis and make sure you stay there?

Enter best keto test strips. “They test levels of ketone bodies, which you produce when you’re following the keto diet correctly,” explains doctor of natural medicine Josh Axe, founding father of, author of the upcoming book Keto Diet, and a member of The Vitamin Shoppe Wellness Council. “Testing your ketone levels could also be how of providing real-time feedback about how well your diet and lifestyle choices are working to remain you in ketosis.”

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Types of Keto Strips

The main ways to live ketosis are with urine keto strips and blood keto strips. Urine keto strips are affordable and straightforward to use, but there are some drawbacks, Axe tells us.

“Urine keto strips don’t measure all three kinds of ketones,” he says. “They measure acetoacetate, one of three ketone bodies, but not BHB (beta-hydroxybutyrate), which is taken under consideration the predominant ketone that’s produced.” Over time, he adds, it’s possible for urine keto strips to become slightly less accurate as your body becomes more keto-adapted.

If you’re someone who’s just starting keto or like better to test for ketosis quickly and cheaply, urine keto strips are probably all you would like. But if you have been following the diet a few times and need super-accurate results, you would possibly consider a ketone blood meter instead.

“Many consider blood keto tests to be the foremost reliable and accurate because of test for ketones since this is often actually the same method that people with diabetes use to test their blood glucose levels,” says Axe. Blood tests are less likely to be affected by hydration levels, food consumption, or recent exercise, he explains.

Hate the idea of pricking your finger? In the future, testing ketones might be even easier: A new keto breathalyzer called Keyto is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo.

How to Use Keto Strips

Urine keto test strips are pretty straightforward, especially if you have ever taken a bioassay. Although instructions may vary slightly depending on the brand, most recommend that you pee into a cup (we suggest stocking up on some cheap paper cups), dip the strip into your urine for a few seconds, then wait for the strip to change color. An accompanying keto strip chart helps you identify your ketone levels.

Blood keto strips usually instruct you to prick your finger to draw blood into the strip, then insert it into your meter. Getting found out with this method maybe a little more involved, however. “You’ll need to initially invest in buying the device itself, compatible test strips, and a lancet device to prick your finger,” says Axe.

He also recommends taking time to read reviews so you fully understand how different devices work. “For example, some [ketone blood meters] work with an app on your phone; some require you to buy a monthly subscription.”

Regardless of whether you’re using urine or blood strips, “most experts recommend testing fasted ketone levels right after you awaken within the morning,” says Axe. “You don’t need to be very dehydrated when testing, since this may alter your results and show higher levels of ketones.”

Ready to start testing those ketones? Below, a number of the simplest keto strips (for both blood and urine testing) you’ll buy online.

1. Perfect Keto Ketone Testing Strips

Type: Keto urine strips

Test ketone levels in your urine with these top-rated strips. You’ll get 100 strips that you simply can match using the easy-to-read chart. Plus, the bottle is discreet enough to require with you on the go.

Here are some pros and cons.

• Great value if you would like to refill

• Doctor-formulated, professional grade strips

• Color guide listed on the side of the bottle for straightforward measuring

• Results available in 40 seconds

• Convenient to travel with

• You’ll test your levels whenever you employ the toilet

• Perfect Keto is a very reputable brand

• It’s hard to say anything bad about these strips! They are top quality and straightforward to travel with. The results take a touch longer than a blood meter and that they won’t be as accurate, on the other hand again, these strips don’t require you to prick yourself with a needle.

2. Smackfat Ketone Strips

More than 5,000 five-star reviews must mean something, right? Another brand of urinalysis strips; these also come with 100 per container and boast a lifetime warranty to boot.

• Good value at 100 strips for fewer than eight dollars

• You’ll buy them online or at Wal-Mart

• Lifetime warranty included

• Handy chart listed on the side of the bottle

• The corporate provides an indication video for a way to use this product on its website

• Travels well and is convenient to use

• Although the merchandise doesn’t say how briskly the results are available, we doubt it takes longer than a moment approximately. Still, it might be nice to understand how long you’ll need to wait after using

3. Ketostix

Type: Keto urine strips

This popular brand may be a go-to for testing ketone levels in your urine. You’ll get 100 strips in a box (the ones at Walmart are sold in a pack of two, but you can also buy just one pack on Amazon), and reviewers rave about the airtight container, which helps them from expiring too quickly.

• The company offers a 100 percent money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with these strips

• Results are available in 15 seconds, which is faster than the first product we listed

• Suitable for keto dieters and people with diabetes

• As with the first product, there is a color guide listed on the side of the bottle so you can easily read your results. Just remember to bring the color guide with you when you go to the bathroom!

• Comes with 100 strips with an excellent price

• It’s hard to say anything bad about these test strips! They have everything you would like, including faster than normal results. They are a little more expensive than the first brand, but not by much. You’ll want to make sure you bring the bottle with you in the bathroom as the color guide is listed on the side so you can measure your results on the spot. If you forget, you would possibly need to carry a second-hand strip out of the toilet, and nobody wants to ascertain that

4. KETO-MOJO Ketone Test Strips

Type: Keto blood strips

You’ll get 50 blood keto strips and an easy-to-follow video to help you understand how to use them. Note: The strips are pictured, but to get started, you’ll also need to invest in the full kit which includes a lancet device, 10 lancets, and a testing meter.

• FDA and EU approved

• Meets strict standards

• Comes with 50 strips in a box, so you can go longer without reordering

• Tests ketone and glucose levels

• Only requires one drop of blood

• Company comes with customer support and YouTube videos explaining how to use the product

• Again, these strips are only compatible with the Keto-Mojo Blood Meter System, so you’ll have to buy that, too. It can be an expensive setup, but well worth the investment if you ask us

5. Precision Xtra Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System Bundle Kit

Type: Keto blood strips

Although pricey, this kit has just about everything you would like to start out testing your ketone levels: a meter, 100 lancets, and alcohol wipes, and both glucose and ketone test strips, as well as a carrying case.

• High-quality test strips from a reputable brand

• Accurate test results guaranteed

• Can be used to check glucose or ketone levels

• Ideal for diabetics and keto diet followers

• Doesn’t require much blood at all

• Remember that you need to buy the Precision Xtra Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System along with these strips. This can be expensive, but well worth the investment if you’re serious about staying in ketosis.

Conclusion on Best Keto Test Strips

Measuring your ketone levels may be a great way to form sure you’re staying in ketosis, but which method is best? Using a blood meter is the most accurate way to read your ketone levels, but many people use urine strips because they are cheaper and convenient.

Plus, you’ll test several times each day without feeling like you’re spending a dollar per strip (like you’d with a blood strip). In this article, we’ve weakened the pros and cons of several urine and blood strips. The primary difference between the two is accuracy. You’ll want to recollect that if you purchase blood strips, you’ll also get to buy the compatible meter to travel with them.

This can be expensive, but consider it an investment for your health. These are great options if you’re trying to monitor your glucose and ketone levels at the same time. We recommend staying on top of your ketosis game with one of the high-quality products mentioned during this article!

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