The Best Refrigerator Thermometer for 2024

If you worry about the safety of food, then you’ll find the best refrigerator thermometer worth reading. The truth is that the refrigerator, or fridge if you prefer, has become a necessary have in the modern world.

You’ll find it in almost every home, kitchen restaurant, hotel, bar, catering unit and many other places. It helps to keep food fresh and also extends its shelf life.

Best Refrigerator Thermometer

However, as you may already know, different foods have different temperature requirements. Some will be okay at cold temperatures while others do best in much colder temperatures.

Unfortunately, most refrigerators don’t have a clear way of showing the exact temperatures. What you get are some basic numbers such as 1.2,3,4, 5 or descriptions like cold, very cold, low, and high, etc.

This doesn’t exactly tell you what the interior temperature is. Fortunately, you can invest in a thermometer. And in this review, we will show you the best refrigerator thermometers on the market.

A refrigerator thermometer is especially useful if your fridge has only a dial thermostat. You can also use it to check that temperatures are still safe on a model with a built-in thermometer.

Refrigerator Thermometer

A refrigerator thermometer is a device used to measure the temperature inside a refrigerator or freezer. It is typically a small, battery-operated thermometer with a digital display that can be placed inside the refrigerator or freezer to monitor the temperature.

Refrigerator thermometers are useful for ensuring that food is being stored at safe temperatures to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. The recommended temperature range for a refrigerator is between 35°F and 38°F (1.7°C to 3.3°C), while the recommended temperature range for a freezer is between 0°F and -5°F (-17.8°C to -20.6°C).

By using a refrigerator thermometer, you can check the temperature regularly and adjust the settings of your refrigerator or freezer as needed to ensure that your food stays fresh and safe to eat.

The Best Refrigerator Thermometer in 2023

A refrigerator thermometer can be an inexpensive way to save real money. If your refrigerator is too warm, food will spoil; if it’s too cold, you’re paying for more electricity than you need.

You should keep your refrigerator at no higher than 40° F and the freezer at 0° F, according to the United States Department of Agriculture.

The threat of food-borne illnesses is another concern with an improperly chilled refrigerator. Microorganisms capable of causing sickness to grow very slowly below 40°F. But they rapidly increase between 40° and 140°F.

A refrigerator thermometer is especially useful if your fridge has only a dial thermostat. You can also use it to check that temperatures are still safe on a model with a built-in thermometer.

And during a power failure, a thermometer is indispensable. If you’ve been without power for an extended period, you can use the thermometer to check that temperatures are still safe.

Find the Best Refrigerator Thermometer

We test, evaluate, and compare the latest refrigerator thermometers for measurement accuracy and readability. 

How We Test the Chill Factor

We recently tested three samples of five different thermometers for accuracy, readability, and stability (how quickly the thermometers responded to temperature changes). A thermometer that reacts too quickly to the warm air that enters a refrigerator when the door is opened can give you a misleading reading.

Making it harder to maintain your refrigerator at the proper temperature. To test for accuracy, we took five readings with each of the 15 thermometers and compared them with readings from a calibrated thermometer. The readings were averaged and scored.

An average of less than 1° F scored excellent, while a difference of 1 degree to 2 degrees scored very good.

All of the thermometers did a very good to excellent job of measuring the temperature, but they were prone to fogging, making them difficult to read. 

The Best Refrigerator Thermometer Reviews for 2024

Refrigerator and freezer thermometers are specially designed to provide accuracy at cold temperatures. For safety, it is important to verify the temperature of refrigerators and freezers. Refrigerators should maintain a temperature of no higher than 40 °F.

Frozen food will hold its top quality for the longest possible time when the freezer maintains 0 °F. Most refrigerators and freezers can be easily adjusted to run colder or warmer. The temperature control is usually accessible in the refrigerator part of the appliance. Check the owner’s manual for specific details on adjusting the temperature. An adjustment period is often required when changing the temperature.

#1- Wrenwane Digital Refrigerator Thermometer

Wren-wane has designed the simplest refrigerator thermometer for your needs.

1. Switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius with a button on the back

2. Very simple to operate

3. Measures temperatures from -20°C/-4°F to 60°C/140°F

4. Big digits, easily read the display

It’s a small but large readout,  easy to use, and accurate

The top hook is a little weak

#2- Rubbermaid Commercial FGR80DC Stainless Steel Refrigerator

This refrigerator and freezer thermometer will keep food safe by properly monitoring equipment. The thermometer is made of stainless steel. Its large, easy-to-read dial shows marked temperatures, perfect for the professional kitchen.

1. Its large, easy-to-read dial shows marked temperatures, perfect for the professional kitchen

2. It hangs or stands for easy installation and has a lens that will not shatter

3. Reads both Fahrenheit and Celsius

1. Consistent, cheap, easy to read

1. Temperature numbers are smaller and harder to read than some other similar thermometers

#3- DayMark IT115410 Stainless Steel Dishwasher-Safe Refrigerator

Temperature Safety is of vital importance in the kitchen environment. To ensure food safety, proper temperatures must be reached when cooking food, chilling food, and sanitizing kitchen equipment.  

DayMark makes it simple for food service operators to accurately monitor kitchen temperatures.

1. Stainless steel with a large 2.4″ easy-to-read dial

2. Easy to clean; dishwasher safe

3. Safe temperature zone indicator

4. Temperature range -30 to 70 degrees F

1. It’s nice and solid, with better build quality than similar thermometers

2. Cheap, accurate, easy to read

1. Does not stand or hang as well as the similar refrigerator thermometers

#4-Taylor Classic Refrigerator Thermometer

The Classic Series Large Dial Freezer & Refrigerator Thermometer is ideal for monitoring temperatures.

1. Temperatures range between -20 to 80 degrees

2. Extra-large 3-1/4-inch dial

3. Constructed from durable stainless steel

4. Easy to hang or stand

1. Large dial, easy to see

1. Some people who have reviewed this product have  found, it not very accurate

#5- AcuRite 00986 Refrigerator Wireless Digital Thermometer

AcuRite Digital Refrigerator Thermometer displays the refrigerator temperature, freezer temperature, and the high/low temperatures recorded for each. Programmable alarm notifies you audibly and visually when temperatures exceed your preset minimum / maximum temperature range.

1. Monitor refrigerator and freezer temperature (Fahrenheit and Celsius)

2. Audible and visual alarm when temperatures exceed your preset minimum or maximum temperature range

3. Measures temperatures from -40 to 100F, (-40 to 37C)

4. All-time high and low-temperature records

5. Magnet-mountable or wall-mountable digital display

6. Wireless range up to 75 feet (23 m.)

7. Transmits data every 16 seconds

1. Works well and you can get a better picture of how your refrigerator/freezer is performing

2. You can reduce the settings for both refrigerator/freezer temps and thus save electricity

1. Eats up batteries and no low battery warning

2. There are many complaints that sensors are not durable

#6- Audio Visual Refrigerator Freezer Alarm

This thermometer will help you monitor the foods in the fridge better. It comes in a simple design for installation. Besides, it has a large clear display and the numbers are equally large.

This makes it easy to see and read the numbers. You, therefore, won’t strain your eyes. We love the screen, which doesn’t get misty or cloudy. It also handles low temperatures well and won’t crack, fade, or deform over time.

This is because it’s made from high-grade and food-safe ABS plastic. The basic design makes placing it inside the refrigerator easy, and you can place it in a flat place like the rack or hang it by a wire.

It’s ideal for both refrigerators and freezers and comes with a 39-inch long sensor cable. The wire is firmly held in place by tough suction cups. Moreover, it also includes an audio alarm to alert you when the temperature reaches 46 degrees F (refrigerator) or 15 degrees F(freezer). The gadget comes with clear instructions on how to install and use as well as the battery.

In Summary

1. Large clear display with large numbers

2. Made from high-grade and food-safe ABS plastic

3. Can be placed on a flat place or hung on the rack

4. Comes with a 39-inch long sensor cable

5. Wire firmly held in place by a suction cup

6. Audio alarm alert

#7- Refrigerator Freezer Thermometer Alarm

Maintaining the right temperature is easier with the best refrigerator thermometers. This one-by capsule is a good pick for the home, restaurant, hotel, and many other places. We love its simplicity, which makes using it easy and convenient. All you do is find the right location and place it. Removal is equally easy.

It’s a digital piece that comes with a large and clear screen. It indicates the temperatures in bold black numbers and has a backlit screen. This makes viewing it much easier. Moreover, it’s very light and you can easily change its position. It works well with refrigerators and freezers and handles the chilly temperatures pretty well.

The unit works with temperatures ranging from 58 to 158°F (-50 to 70°C). The display doesn’t become cloudy or fuzzy even in extreme colds. Moreover, it’s made from tough plastic that maintains its integrity well.

Also, it’s food-safe to uphold the hygiene inside the unit as well as the safety of the food. You get 2 alarm settings, one for high and the other for low. It’s an accurate piece with a low margin of error of about +/- 2°F.

In Summary

1. The digital piece comes with a large and clear screen

2. The backlit screen indicates the temperatures in bold black numbers

3. Very lightweight and easy to change its position

4. Handles temperatures ranging from 58 to 158°F (-50 to 70°C)

5. Made from tough food-safe plastic

6. 2 alarm settings for low and high

7. The low margin of error about of +/- 2°F

#8- Classic Series Large Dial Fridge/Freezer Thermometer

With this piece by Taylor Precision Products, you’ll have one of the best refrigerator thermometers on the market. We love its classic styling, which looks awesome in many places. You can use it inside the refrigerator as well as in the freezer. It’s larger than most pieces out there and the numbers are equally bolder.

This makes viewing more convenient and hence minimizes the chances of errors. The lens is very clear, thanks to the high-quality glass construction.

Besides, it has a nice point for hanging on the rack as well as placing it on a flat surface.

The unit, like other top types, comprises hygienic food-grade stainless steel. It’s corrosion, rust-resistant, and also doesn’t chip or flake. This prevents any contamination and ensures the food is safe. Besides, it’s easy to clean and doesn’t hide any pathogens, germs, dirt, and more. The built-in pointer shows the temperature from -20 to 80 °F and is quite accurate.

In Summary

1. Classic styling and large clear round dial

2. Clear glass lens

3. Comprises hygienic high-grade stainless steel

4. Doesn’t corrode, rust, chip, or flake

5. Food- safe and easy to clean

6. Temperature range of -20 to 80 °F

#9- Refrigerator Thermometer Wireless Digital

You’ll be able to monitor the temperature inside the refrigerator better with this unit from Snow. It’s a smart unit that relies on sensors and this also makes it more hygienic than most other options. You can use it indoors or outdoors without any difficulty. Moreover, it’s a light and compact piece for easy handling and convenience.

It features 2 sensors and will relay 3 kinds of temperatures to suit varied needs. Moreover, it handles. A wide range of temperatures -40°F to 140°F/ -40°C to 60 °C for the outdoors and 32°F~122°F /0°C to 50° C d for the indoors.

The margin of error is ±2°F / ±1°C; hence, you are more certain of its accuracy.

The high-quality piece is made using tough materials to put up with the cold temperatures and use. It won’t crack, become erratic, or break down easily. In fact, with proper use and handling, it will give you good service for years.

The unit is also very hygienic, thanks to the food-grade materials. It’s also easy to clean courtesy of its seamless and smooth nature. And for easy use, it comes with simple, easy-to-understand instructions.

In Summary

1. The smart unit relies on sensors and is ideal for indoors or outdoors

2. Features 2 sensors and relays 3 kinds of temperatures

3. wide range of temperature

4. A small margin of error of ±2°F / ±1°C

5. The high-quality piece made using tough materials

6. Hygienic food-grade materials

#10- Mini Thermometer, Digital Refrigerator Freezer Thermometer

This thermostat will assist you in keeping track of the foods in the refrigerator much better. It comes in a simple design for installation and is ideal for many areas. These include a refrigerator, freezer, cellar, greenhouse, cold room, and much more. It has a big clear display screen and the numbers are similarly large.

This makes it very easy to see, and therefore, you won’t strain your eyes. This is improved by the display, which does not get hazy or gloomy. It’s toughly built handles the temperature well and also won’t break, fade, or get scratched easily. This is due to the tough materials and good engineering.

The basic design makes positioning it easy while the lightweight improves handling. It puts up with temperatures ranging from -20- +50℃/ -4~122F)and has a ±2F margin of error. The device features clear directions for easy mounting and use.

In Summary

1. Large clear display screen and numbers

2. Very easy to see the readings

3. The display does not get hazy or gloomy

4. Toughly built and won’t break, fade, or are scratched easily

5. Temperature range of -20- +50℃/ -4~122F)

6. ±2F margin of error

#11- Refrigerator Thermometer Classic Series Large Dial Thermometer

Maintaining the right temperature is less complicated with the very best refrigerator thermometer. The Join unit is a great choice for the home, dining establishment, office, cold room, resort, as well as various other places. We love its classic style that looks amazing in many setups.

It’s also simple for easy use and convenience. The digital unit features a big and clear screen that indicates the temperature levels in clear black digits/numbers. This makes viewing it a lot easier and minimizes the possibility of making errors.

It’s extremely light and works well with any type of refrigerator as well as a freezer. It manages the temperatures pretty well and has a temperature range of -20 to 80 ° F.

The display does not become dull or blurry even in severe cold. Moreover, it’s made from tough stainless steel materials that handle the use and are less likely to corrode one rust. Besides, it’s safe and hygienic to keep the food items free of contamination.

In Summary

1. Classic style looks amazing in many setups

2. The Digital unit features a big and clear screen

3. Temperature range of -20 to 80 ° F

4. The display does not become dull or blurry even in severe cold

5. Made from tough rust/ corrosion-resistant stainless steel

#12- Refrigerator Fridge Thermometer

With this Unigear piece, you’ll own one of the best fridge thermometers around. We like its modern styling, which looks awesome in several locations. You can utilize it inside the fridge as well as in the freezer. It’s larger than most items available in the market and this improves its reliability and usability.

The LCD screen is large, just like the numbers, and the lens is extremely clear courtesy of the high-quality materials. Besides, it has a good design and you can hang it or place it on the rack. The piece, like various other top types, comprises sanitary food-grade materials. It’s rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and likewise doesn’t chip or flake.

This prevents any kind of contamination from keeping the food risk-free. Moreover, the smooth finish is very easy to tidy and also combats any microorganisms, germs, dirt, dust, and more. It handles temperatures from -20 to 50 ° C/ -4 to 122 F and has a -/+ 1C/ 2F margin of error. This improves its accuracy as well as reliability and efficiency.

In Summary

1. Modern styling looks awesome in many locations

2. Large LCD screen and numbers improve readability

3. Can be hanged or placed on the rack

4. Comprises sanitary food-grade materials

5. Rust-resistant, corrosion-resist and doesn’t chip or flake

6. Handles temperature from -20 to 50 ° C/ -4 to 122 F

7. a -/+ 1C/ 2F margin of error

#13- Refrigerator Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

This thermostat is what you are looking for in the best refrigerator thermometer. It is available in a basic design for quick and easy setup and it has a big clear LCD screen. The numbers are equally large and this makes it simple to see without straining.

The unit relies on advanced sensor technology, which is pretty accurate. The display doesn’t get hazy or cloudy and the unit takes care of the low temperatures pretty well.

This is because it’s made from top-quality and food-safe materials. You can either hang it on a rack wire or any point or place it on a flat surface. Whichever the option it will work well. It’s perfect for both refrigerators and freezers and has a wireless range of 328 feet/ 100 meters. Moreover, you also get nice audio alerts as well as visual warnings.

The thermometer range is -10℃~ 60℃/ 14~ 140F (indoor) and -40℃~ 60℃/-40~140F (outdoor). The wireless unit, under proper care, should last a long time. Also, it won’t require lots of regular care and maintenance.

In Summary

1. Basic easy setup design

2. Big clear LCD screen

3. Based on advanced sensor technology

4. Made from top-quality and food-safe materials

5. Wireless range of 328 feet/ 100 meters

6. Temperature range of -10℃~ 60℃/ 14~ 140F (indoor) and -40℃~ 60℃/-40~140F (outdoor)

#14-Digital Refrigerator Freezer Room Thermometer

Why rely on guesswork when storing food in the refrigerator? You also don’t need a very expensive unit. With this digital s piece by Wren-wane, not only do you get one of the best refrigerator thermometers currently in the market but peace of mind as well.

It works great and is among the most reputable products. It’s a good choice for the home, restaurant, office, cold room, greenhouse, pack house, and also other places.

The simple nature and large size make using it easy. Thanks to the well-designed screen, you will worry less about doing the wrong reading. The numbers come in black and are bold and large. This makes using it simple as well as practical. All you do is find the right area and place it.

You can choose to hang it, place it on a flat surface, or stick it on a metallic surface via the built-in magnet. The temperature range is quite good and functions and ranges from -20°C to60°C (-4°F to /140°F).

It’s one of the simplest and easiest to operate in the market. You don’t need any guidance. Changing the settings from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa is as simple as pressing a button. It comes in white, which looks pretty hygienic.

In Summary

1. Good choice for the home, restaurant, office, cold room, and more

2. Simple nature and large size for easy use

3. Black, bold, and large numbers

4. You can hang it, place it on a flat surface, or stick it on a metallic surface

5. Temperature range of -20°C to60°C (-4°F to /140°F)

6. Simple press button for changing settings

7. The plain white colour looks very hygienic

What To Look Out For

Search for the best refrigerator thermometers, and you’ll get all kinds of products. But the truth is that not all products will be reliable. The numbers may be a little small, the lens/ dial may become fuzzy or cloudy, or it may start rusting or corroding.

You also don’t want something that isn’t food-safe since it may contaminate the food. The following are some of the things you should focus on when looking for an item:

Temperature Range

You must look for the range of temperature the thermometer handles. Nobody wants a unit that can’t handle the very cold temperatures. A good piece will have a wide range and will cater to even the extreme temperatures.

In addition, it will display in both Celsius and Fahrenheit either at the same time or has a button that allows you to change it. The markings will also be easy to understand and this especially applies to the analog type. For instance, it will have a 1-degree interval. Generally, digital types are much easier to read.

Safety and Hygiene

You should pay attention to the safety and hygiene of the gadget. The last thing you can imagine is the food being contaminated or spoilt because some paint or materials flaked off and fell on the food.

You also don’t want a rusty or corroded device hanging inside the refrigerator, do you? Always make certain that it is made from food-safe materials. Stainless and ABS plastic are among the common options. A good product is resistant to corrosion, rust, flaking, chipping, and more.

Also vital is making certain it doesn’t have sharp edges, crevices, jagged edges, or corners since this can be a good hideout for germs, dirt, bacteria, and more.

Ease of Placement

The best refrigerator thermometers will be very easy to place. They allow you to place them on a flat surface or hang them by a rack wire. Also, they will be lightweight so as not to add any stress on the select point.

Moving the unit will also be easy, just like placing it inside the unit. It will be made from tough materials that will handle the use, misuse, cold temperatures, food, and much more.

Easy Reading

The goal of investing in the thermometer is to make life easier as well as more convenient. Consumers desire to spend the least amount of effort and time reading the temperature. A top pick will come with a clear easy-to-read display.

It will have a large and clear dial, the numbers will be bold and visible, and it will also have some colouring in different sections (analogue) for easy understanding. In the case of the digital type, it will feature a backlit display. You’ll also find some types with an audible alarm that alerts you when a certain temperature is reached.


Imagine the thermometer indicating -4, yet the true temperature is +2. You will place food believing it’s safe, but it will not. This may lead to spoiling and leading to waste.

A good piece will be very accurate and will have a very small margin of error to ensure you get the right temperature. Most top picks will have +/- 2 degrees Fahrenheit and this is good enough for most needs. They also will come ready to use and won’t require any kind of calibration. Besides, the battery will have a long lifespan.


Q. Where is the best place to put a thermometer in a fridge?

A. Your refrigerator temperature should be 40 F or less, and your freezer should be 0 F or less. The best place to put a thermometer is in the warmest spot which would be near the door, not tucked away in the back. A glance at this daily to be sure it is maintaining a cold temperature.

Q. Can you take your temperature with a fridge thermometer?

A. Since few refrigerator controls show actual temperatures. Using an inexpensive freestanding appliance thermometer will allow you to monitor the temperature and adjust the settings of the refrigerator and/or freezer if necessary.

Q. Why is a fridge thermometer recommended?

A. Fridge thermometers can give insight into the relative safety of fridges and freezers in the home, as well as throughout commercial food chain systems, over time. They measure whether constant and ideal temperatures are maintained.

Q. How do I know if my fridge is cold enough without a thermometer?

A. You can put a container of water in the fridge to check the temperature. After a couple of hours, you will want to take a look at the container of water. You will want to look for condensation. If the condensation appears quickly that means that the water is very cold.

Q. What is an acceptable refrigerator temperature?

A. Keep your appliances at the proper temperatures. Keep the refrigerator temperature at or below 40° F (4° C). The freezer temperature should be 0° F (-18° C). Check temperatures periodically.

Q. What is the coldest temperature in a refrigerator?

A. In the coldest setting, the temperature is approximately 34 degrees in FF and -5 degrees in FZ. In the middle (Colder) setting the temperature is approximately 37 degrees in the FF and 0 degrees in the FZ. At the warmest (Cold) setting the temperature is approximately 40 degrees in the FF and 5 degrees in the FZ.

Q. Is 5 degrees OK for a fridge?

A. Use a fridge thermometer to check the temperature of your fridge regularly. The coldest part of the fridge should be between 0 degrees Celcius and 5 degrees Celcius (32 degrees Fahrenheit and 41 degrees Fahrenheit).

Q. Will food spoil at 50 degrees in the refrigerator?

A. Food starts to spoil when the temperature rises above 40 degrees. After food warms to that temperature, you have just two hours in which you can either return it to cold conditions or cook it. In the fridge, produce will survive most power failures, but dairy products should be discarded if they smell or taste sour.

Q. Why is my fridge temperature too high?

A. There’s a chance that your temperature sensor is broken or not correctly set. Or that the defrost timer is broken, or the vent fan between the compartments. There might be something wrong with your compressor, you might have a coolant leak, or it might just be a loose wire somewhere along the way.

Q. Why is food freezing in my refrigerator?

A. If food in the bottom of the refrigerator is freezing, this could be caused by a refrigerator not having enough food to absorb the cold air. If food in the door is freezing, move the door bins up or down so they are one notch away from freezer vents. The fresh food control should be at the normal setting of 5.


With the best refrigerator thermometer, you will no longer rely on guesswork to know what the temperature is. You also will be able to know the best areas to place particular items.

Moreover, you can also adjust the temperature to suit specific items. In this review, we have shed light on some of the top picks in the market. Our goal was/is to help you make the right choice.

Besides, you’ll use less time and effort since you won’t need to peruse through so many types. You simply pick any of the featured items. And as you’ll notice, they rank high, enjoy positive reviews, and come from reputable brands. With the best refrigerator thermometers, you are more certain of the freshness and longevity of the food.

For the safekeeping of your food and at the required temperatures, you need to embrace the best refrigerator thermometers. This can be expensive. But in the end, it will save you more money as no food will get spoiled.

You have to keep the thermometer at 40 F if you want the best results. On the other hand, you can use it to check the temperatures in the freezer as it has a full display screen. In the case of power shortages, the thermometer will ensure you know the accurate temperatures.

We also have a detailed review on Best Probe Thermometer in case if you want to check that out! other articles.

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