The Non Contact Thermometer Reviews – Best Rated of 2021

When easy-to-use digital forehead and ear thermometers came onto the market, parents breathed a sigh of relief. The ordeal of teaching young children the way to keep their tongues still with a thermometer underneath – or maybe worse, trying to require their rectal temperature – quickly became nothing more than a bad memory. Non-Contact Thermometer Reviews in general. Keep reading!

Although we should note that pediatric medical associations and experts still recommend taking rectal temperatures for a baby’s first three months, because other methods may not provide accurate for young infants.

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Best Contact-Less & Touch-Less Thermometers

Looking for the best non-contact infrared thermometers and contact-less or touch-less thermometers to quickly check yours and your family’s temperature (especially during the peak of COVID-19)?

We’ve found some of the non contact infrared thermometers and contact-less thermometers that can measure temperature in one second while also being touch-less and maintaining zero personal contact.

Non-contact thermometers have a small LED display that gives you a quick but accurate body temperature and they are more accurate than traditional mercury thermometers.

If you have already begun your research for the best non-contact and contact-less thermometer, you will know that there are many non-contact infrared and touch-less thermometers out there and it can be tough to know where to start.

However, below you will find on the best-selling non contact infrared thermometer reviews available to buy on Amazon right now!

The latest advance came when non-contact thermometers were introduced. Not only did they eliminate the need to insert anything into any part of a child’s body (or an adult’s, for that matter), they allowed temperatures to be taken without even touching the child.

This was a great step forward for three reasons. First, skittish children not had to be convinced to remain still while a digital thermometer was rubbed across their forehead or placed under their armpit or at the entrance of their ear canal.

Second, non-contact thermometers allowed parents to require their sick child’s temperature without waking them up – perfect to be used with babies and toddlers.

Finally, a non-invasive method of taking temperatures greatly lessens the possibility that viruses or bacteria will be transmitted throughout the family.

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One more clarification: some manufacturers (and consumers) ask digital forehead thermometers (the ones you meet the forehead) as “non-contact.” We’ve disregarded those models in compiling our list of the top 5 best non-contact thermometers, which starts right now.

ARC Devices InstaTemp Non-Touch Digital Thermometer

The ARC InstaTemp is about the dimensions of your home phone (if you continue to have one, of course). It couldn’t be easier to use; you simply hold the device about an inch from the forehead, aiming between the eyes and above the eyebrows, and push the button.

The temperature reading comes up almost instantly on a backlit LCD display, alongside a red, orange, or green light.

You can probably guess the meanings: green means the temperature is during a “healthy” range, orange means slightly above or below normal and red means the temperature is well above or below where it should be.

If the thermometer is getting used incorrectly it displays “LO” rather than temperature, meaning you would like to undertake again. That’s all there is to it, although you’ll get the most accurate reading.

If you’re able to wipe any collected perspiration or moisture from the forehead first (not easy to do if you’re trying to take the temperature of a sleeping baby).

The ARC Devices unit is silent, so there are sounds to awaken the aforementioned sleeping baby, and it’s the foremost accurate of all of the non-contact thermometers on this list.

The manufacturer says that this model is accurate to within 0.4°F (it can be switched to Celsius mode as well, in which it’s accurate to within 0.2°), and tests show that’s pretty much on the money.

ARC Devices also says that the way the thermometer works is with proprietary medical-grade infrared technology; we’ve no way of knowing how that compares to those used in doctors’ offices and hospitals, but the results imply that it’s pretty similar.

It doesn’t have the memory function of the many other non-invasive thermometers it competes with, but we didn’t see that as a negative – if we’ve a sick child, we remember their previous couple of temperatures without electronic help.

There are a few of peculiarities of the InstaTemp which should be mentioned. The strangest one is that it works on batteries which can’t be replaced – when the thermometer stops working, it has to be replaced.

The company says the batteries will last long enough to require 7500 temperatures, which they’ve figured to be an equivalent as taking four temperatures per day for five years straight.

In any event, they promise to exchange the unit if the batteries die within two years, and there’s an auto-off battery conservation feature.

The other thing we found a bit strange is that there’s no case, just a wall-mounted holder. Otherwise, you just have to put this sensitive thermometer (they warn that you shouldn’t touch the lens and shouldn’t use water to clean it, just a wipe) somewhere safe. It seems to us that a case would be an obvious necessity.

Despite those two drawbacks, the InstaTemp is that the best non-contact thermometer on the market, at a really nice price. We wish it had been invented and available sooner.

Easy@Home NCT-301 3 in 1 Non Contact Infrared Thermometer

The Easy@Home thermometer is noticeably bigger and heavier than the InstaTemp so it’s a bit more awkward to use, which is why we placed it at #2 in our rankings. It performs almost as well, though, and we wouldn’t hesitate to rely on it in our home on a regular basis.

Easy@Home NCT-301 3 in 1 Non Contact Infrared Thermometer

We described the InstaTemp as looking and feeling like your home phone; the three in 1 is more sort of a remote, thicker with a small “ergonomic” curve thereto.

It’s made of plastic and sort of resembles a toy, but it definitely is no toy. The larger size does mean a larger and easier-to-read backlit LCD screen for the digital temperature display, though, as well as a display for the handy memory function showing the last 32 temperatures that have been taken with the

Easy@Home. Instead of red-orange-green indicator lights, the whole color of the LCD screen changes to point the temperature range after reading is formed.

You use the thermometer in the same way as the InstaTemp, holding it in the correct position and pushing the button for a nearly-instant readout, with the same 0.4° accuracy range.

There’s also a beep that sounds when the temperature is registered, but you can turn that off if desired (when your baby is sleeping, for example).

One other feature of this model that we liked was the “recalibrate” function, which takes into consideration an important fact: the temperature taken by any infrared thermometer is just an approximation.

The thermometer is basically measuring the surface temperature of the forehead then adjusting the ultimate readout consistent with the “normal” difference between forehead and body temperatures.

For a small number of people that approximation isn’t correct, so the recalibrate function lets you reset the Easy@Home device to match the temperature measured by an invasive thermometer, to give you an accurate blood heat whenever.

This thermometer comes with a case, works on batteries which will be changed, and costs a touch but the InstaTemp. If it was smaller to hold (a real consideration when trying to take a baby’s temperature in her crib) we would have ranked it at #1.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the 3 in 1 name, it means you can also use this unit to measure room temperature or the surface temperature of an object, with the flip of a switch.

Pyle Digital Non-Contact Thermometer Reviews

In terms of size and weight, the Pyle non-invasive model fits right between our first two entries on this list of the highest 5 best non-contact thermometers. We rank it slightly lower than them, though, because it can be somewhat difficult to get the hang of.

For example, switching between Fahrenheit and Celsius is a simple task, but there’s nothing in the instructions telling you how to do it – you have to find out online. (And since we’ve been comparing the appearance and shape of units, the Pyle looks like a tiny police radar detector.)

When you figure it out, there are even more bells and whistles which you’ll find useful or may appear to be overkill. The major one is Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to hook up to a “Pyle Health” smartphone app to save your temperature readings into a daily calendar or even share real-time information with a doctor.

As with the Easy@Home, there’s also a memory function inside the thermometer which can save the last fifty temperature readings.

Otherwise, this model operates in the same way as our first two listed thermometers, using infrared rays to accurately read temperatures to within about 0.5°, without needing to touch the child (or adult), and registering the result on a large LCD screen.

It does include a case and changeable batteries, and once again we rank it lower than the competition primarily because of its size. Expect to pay around $30 for the Pyle.

Lukystone Professional Clinical Large Non Contact Thermometer Reviews

You can put the words “professional” and “clinical” into a name all you want, but the reality of any product is what counts. The reality of the Luckystone thermometer is that it’s very almost like the Pyle in size and operation but without the Bluetooth connectivity.

The Luckystone works just fine, with a 0.5 accuracy range and a large LCD screen with an audio “high temperature” alarm, and can be used to determine room temperature as well as body temperatures.

The manufacturer also advertises that the unit has a laser pointer function available; we wouldn’t have thought to use a thermometer in that way, but it’s certainly possible – just not one of the criteria we’d use to choose a medical device.

One of the factors we might use, though, is price; the Luckystone scores there with rock bottom of any of the thermometers on our list.

Santa Medical Professional Clinical 2 in 1 Large Digital Thermometer

As you’ll tell by our reviews by now, almost all of the non-invasive thermometers we’re recommending are quite similar, and everyone works well for an inexpensive price.

The Santa Medical unit is no different, and with a shape similar to our #1 selection we’d be tempted to rank this thermometer higher; after all, shape was one of the reasons for that choice (this unit is larger than the InstaTemp, though).

We put the Santa Medical “Professional” “Clinical” down at rock bottom of our top 5 best non contact thermometer reviews, though just because it comes from China with no warranty.

This model is accurate to 0.4 degrees, checks room as well as body temperatures, and is more convenient to use than most of the others in these rankings.

There’s also a function similar to the “recalibrate” option on the Easy@Home, but it’s not mentioned in the instructions and is almost impossible to figure out even when you know about it.

The Santa Medical costs around $33 and takes a relatively accurate non-invasive temperature without a problem, so it’s not a bad product. It’s just not the best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Non-Contact Thermometer Reviews

Q. What is the best non-contact thermometer?

1. Best Overall: iHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer. Amazon

2. Best for Babies: Vava Smart Baby Thermometer. Amazon

3. Best for Kids: iProven Ear and Forehead Thermometer for Kids

4. Best Forehead: Olangda Forehead Thermometer for Adults

5. Best Digital: Bumapo Waterproof Digital Thermometer

6. Best for Ovulation: Femometer Vinca

Q. Why do i need a non-contact thermometer?

Answer: This is certainly a handy tool as you’ll not be ready to keep a sick child still even for a couple of seconds while you’re taking the temperature from a traditional thermometer otherwise you may find yourself waking the baby to require a reading. Non contact thermometer reviews because the name suggests doesn’t even are available in contact with the baby while taking the reading.

Q. How accurate is the readings combat the non-contact thermometer?

Answer: We can say it is nearly perfect. There may be a variance of 0.4 degree Fahrenheit. But that is quite negligible.

Q. Is it safe to use the non-contact thermometer on infants?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. It has been approved by the FDA for use on infants; clinics and hospitals also recommend using them.

Q. Does the infrared thermometers emit any quite radiation?

Answer: The answer is NO. It only reads the infrared energy from the surface it is pointed to. Yes, a beam is employed to point to the precise place from which the device must take the reading.

Q. Why do I want to point the thermometer to the forehead?

Answer: Can I point it elsewhere for readings? The temperature taken from the forehead through a non-contact thermometer is actually like the properly taken auxiliary reading. You could point elsewhere like an ear, temple, etc, but repeated readings could also be necessary to determine the right one. There is still no guarantee that it coincides with the auxiliary reading.

Q. Does the skin color effect the readings?

Answer: No the skin color does not effect the accuracy of the readings taken from it.

Q. Does the reading get effected by the outside temperature?

Answer: Yes, it does when it is subjected to too cold or hot temperatures in the room. For example, if the patient is found directly under the AC duct or cooling vent or under a heated lamp. What adjustments do I need to make to my readings when subjected to too cold/hot weather inside the room? Please follow the manual for instructions as every device has its own norms to derive it.

Q. How reliable are the non-contact thermometers?

Answer: They are very reliable and last for years. Some come with rechargeable batteries while others are not. You may have to buy a new device if the battery runs out. But will be a good few years anyway.

Q. What if the thermometer breaks down much earlier?

Answer: Most manufacturers replace the device for you free of cost if it breaks down before 2 years. Please read the warranty of the product before buying it.

Q. Can i use the non-contact thermometer for measuring temperature of food, drink etc?

Answer: Not really. The non-contact thermometer is actually a surface thermometer and do they measure the inner temperature of anything. Hence it needs to be used just for the purpose it is made.

Q. Where can i buy the non-contact thermometer?

Answer: You could buy it anywhere in-store or through trusted retailers like Amazon. Please read through the reviews of varied brands on our review page before buying.

A Final Note

The simple to work Non Contact Infrared Thermometer is meant for measuring blood heat, specifically to be used on the forehead area. Requiring no skin contact, the thermometer works by collecting heat radiation emitting from the forehead.

It’s a more hygienic, reliable option for fever-checking compared to intrusive oral thermometers. Receive highly accurate measurements in seconds with the single click of a button. An integrated alarm sounds when raised blood heat is detected, making it easy to tell both user and individual of a possible fever.

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