The Most Accurate Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews in 2022

Are you searching the Most Accurate Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews? Checking your blood pressure at home is an important part of managing high blood pressure. Find out how to use home monitors accurately.

If you’re having high blood pressure or you’re highly at risk of having it, you need to check your blood pressure regularly. But going to the doctor every day for this purpose isn’t practical.

So, your best bet is to invest in a good blood pressure monitor, as it would allow you to check your blood pressure on your own at any time and ultimately protect you against the dangers of hypertension.

Most Accurate Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews

Types on Most Accurate Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews

The demand for Most Accurate Blood Pressure Monitor monitors continues to boom – thanks to increasing awareness of their importance. This explains why the market now abounds with different models by several brands. But with this development comes a huge concern accuracy.

According to Harvard Health, 5 to 15 percent of people using home blood pressure monitors may be getting inaccurate results. And since many doctors do rely on – in part, at least home blood pressure readings, such inaccuracies could prompt doctors to wrongly increase or reduce the dosage of blood pressure medications.

To avoid falling victim to this sad reality, you need to shop for your blood pressure monitor with accuracy at the top of your checklist. In this post, we’d be reviewing some of the most accurate blood pressure monitors available on the market. Read on to learn more.

Most Accurate Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews: Our Top Picks

1. OMRON Healthcare Platinum Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

2. Beurer BM55

3. OMRON Evolv

4. Vive Precision Blood Pressure Machine (Deluxe Version)

How to Tell an Accurate Blood Pressure Monitor

We then sought the opinions of medical experts and consulted detailed and thorough academic resources on the subject. Though this unit didn’t make it to our electric blood pressure monitor it still has some quality. Let’s have a look!

Below are four of the most accurate blood pressure monitors based on our findings.

OMRON Healthcare Platinum Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

The Platinum Wireless Most Accurate Blood Pressure Monitors, Monitor by OMRON is one of the most complete options available on the market.

OMRON Healthcare Platinum Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

Being one of the latest releases by OMRON, this device is powered by OMRON Advanced Accuracy Technology, which measures five times more data points to provide more precise and consistent readings.

This technology, which is exclusive to OMRON, reduces the impacts that your breathing and other slight movements will have on your blood pressure readings, thereby minimizing inconsistencies and errors in BP measurement.

At first sight, you won’t miss the unique design of a horizontal build with a dual LCD monitor that allows for an instant side-by-side comparison of your new reading with your last reading.

The display is large, black, and backlit, so readings are very easy to see. With the Platinum Upper Arm monitor, you can store up to 200 blood pressure readings for two different users (100 per user).

So, you can catch some extra fun with your partner if you have one by comparing your blood pressure readings if you have one. The device also allows for wireless (Bluetooth) connection with your iOs- or Android-based mobile device via the OMRON Connect app, as well as Alexa-enabled devices via OMRON Health Skill.

Using OMRON Connect gives you access to unlimited storage memory, comparison graphs, and tracking of BP trends.

Reading of Blood Pressure

For accurate readings, medical experts do recommend tracking the average of three consecutive blood pressure readings. So, each time you check your blood pressure, your best bet is to find the average of the new reading plus the last two readings.

But the OMRON Platinum Wireless blood pressure monitor has made this task easier for you. Thanks to the device’s Advanced Averaging feature, it automatically shows the average of your last readings (up to three) taken within the last 10 minutes.

Even more interesting is TruRead technology which automatically measures your blood pressure 3 times at intervals you can decide during each measurement session and displays the average. This makes the readings more accurate.

Because many people have increased blood pressure in the early part of the day (“morning hypertension”), the OMRON Platinum Blood pressure monitor comes with a unique Morning Hypertension Indicator and Averaging feature.

Which calculates your daily morning average blood pressure and shows a “HIGH” symbol to alert you if your morning weekly average blood pressure is on the high side.

Feature of OMRON

Another OMRON-exclusive feature that comes with this device is the Irregular Heartbeat Symbol that alerts you whenever an irregular heartbeat was detected while you’re measuring your blood pressure.

The device also notifies you with a “HIGH” symbol whenever your measurement is above 130mmHg and/or 80mmHg. To ensure that the OMRON Platinum blood pressure monitor works for almost everyone, the manufacturer has included (in addition to the included small D-ring cuff).

A wide-range D-cuff ring that perfectly fits standard- and large-sized arms (9 inches to 17 inches in circumference). The product package also contains an AC adapter, 4 AA batteries, and a protective LCD cover.

IMPORTANT NOTICE on Most Accurate Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews

Most of the reviews and answers you’d find on the product’s Amazon page are referring to the older version of the product, which is not as accurate and feature-packed as this new version.

Feature of BM55

The Beurer BM55 comes packed with everything you need in a Most Accurate Blood Pressure Monitor monitor. Designed in Germany with quality and high-precision technology, the monitor has been recommended by three medical societies recognized by the American Heart Association.

Unlike most other blood pressure monitors, the Beurer M55 can detect irregularities in your heartbeat and notify you immediately. And it can quickly calculate the average of three readings.

It also breaks away from the regular design sported by other options, as it comes in a unique aesthetically-appealing design that doesn’t give it off as a medical device.

Sports a Backlit Screen

It also sports a backlit screen that is quite easy to read and keeps results displayed for several minutes (the back-light turns off shortly, though). Another feature that places the Beurer M55 ahead of others in terms of accuracy is its patented rest indicator.

This tells whether you’re calm enough for your readings to reflect correct blood pressure figures which can only be obtained when you’re calm in body and mind. This displays as a light-up icon of a reclining person, which shows a red light if you’re not calm and a green light if you’re adequately rested and calm.

This doesn’t mean you have to remain still very light movements such as crossing your legs won’t trigger the red light. The device also indicates if the reading has been rendered unreliable or inaccurate due to improper cuff placement as well as if you’re not waiting long enough after one test to run another.

These, added to the patented rest indicator, help to ensure that your readings are as accurate as possible. Right beside the screen lies a colored risk indicator, which indicates how safe or dangerous your BP levels areas compared with standard metrics by the WHO. In addition, the device reads your BP figures aloud in a moderate volume that isn’t whisper quiet and not annoyingly loud either.

3 Buttons on the Beurer M55

There are just 3 buttons on the Beurer M55, and using them is quite straightforward especially when you need to keep track of BP readings for two different users.

The display shows when it’s time to replace the batteries, so they don’t die without prior notice. Another upside of the Beurer M55 is that it allows you to transfer your blood pressure readings to your computer using an included USB cable.

But the process isn’t usually straightforward because the instructions on how to do this aren’t included with the monitor; you can only find them online). To enjoy this feature, you’d need to create an account with Beurer. The device is covered by a 5-year warranty for the monitor and a 2-year warranty for the cuff.

OMRON Evolv: Most Accurate Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews

Aside from accuracy, portability is another quality that makes the OMRON Evolv unique. Also recommended by three medical societies recognized by the American Heart Association.

This device has its cuff and monitors conjoined in a single unit, so there are no tubes or wires and this makes the whole unit particularly lightweight. To put on the OMRON Evolv, you have to simply slip your arm through the preformed ring before tightening the Velcro fastener.

But if your arms are on the larger side (circumference more than 15 inches), wearing the device might be a bit difficult. Like the Beurer M55, the OMRON Evolv can tell if your heartbeats are irregular and warn you.

If your blood pressure readings are rendered unreliable by the movement it indicates this with a symbol of a person surrounded by wiggly lines. However, taking readings from the display is somewhat difficult. You’d have to tilt your neck to see the display because it’s on your arm.

Like the OMRON Platinum device, the OMRON Evolv can connect wirelessly (via Bluetooth) to an app on your mobile phone the OMRON Connect app. The app shows graphs of your blood pressure trends over many months up to one year, as well as your daily and monthly average readings.

The data provided on the app can easily be printed or sent to your doctor via email. Note, however, that you can enjoy the various features of the OMRON Evolv even without the OMRON Connect app.

The OMRON Evolv runs on 4 AAA batteries and comes with a 5-year limited warranty. Unlike the Beurer M55, it doesn’t come with a carrying case. But since it’s a conjoined, portable unit in itself, packing it for travel is still very easy even without a case.

Vive Precision Blood Pressure Machine (Deluxe Version)

The Vive Precision Blood Pressure Machine is an FDA-approved device that doesn’t disappoint in terms of accuracy — provided all instructions for taking correct readings are followed.

It also has a colored risk indicator just beside the display. This tells how safe or dangerous your blood pressure levels are.

Blood Pressure Monitor Color

Available in black and silver colors, the Vive Precision blood pressure monitor comes in a sleek design, with its user-friendly interface sporting only four buttons: The user toggle button, the two scrolling (“M” and “S” buttons), and the bigger start/stop button.

The Extra Feature of BP

Aside from the monitor and the cuff, the product package also contains a protective hard-shell carrying case, 4 AAA batteries, a power adapter, and a detailed instructions manual.

Note, however, that the device can display your blood pressure readings in two different units mmHg and KPa. The widely used option is mmHg, so be sure that your device is set to this unit by default.

Otherwise, you can refer to the user manual for instructions on how to switch units.

How to Tell an Most Accurate Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews

There are a few reliable ways to determine the accuracy of a blood pressure monitoring device:

Direct Comparison with a Sphygmomanometer

Simply visit your doctor’s office and have your blood pressure readings taken with mercury or aneroid sphygmomanometer (these are the most accurate instruments for measuring BP). Then compare the sphygmomanometer readings with those taken from your device. Repeat this a few times.

Accuracy-Enhancing Features

Some blood pressure monitors come with special features such as the ability to detect slight movements that could cause inaccurate readings, irregular pulse and heartbeats, and early morning rise in blood pressure.

Consistency and Precision

Repeated readings with the same blood pressure monitor under the same circumstances should be the same or almost the same — for an accurate device. The wider the difference between repeated readings under the same circumstances, the more unreliable and inaccurate the device is.

Buyer Reviews on Most Accurate Blood Pressure Monitor

Searching online for reviews left by real buyers can give you insights into the accuracy of a blood pressure monitoring device. Rather, focus on the buyer reviews, especially the most critical ones to get the true details of the device’s accuracy.

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Measured on the Best-Infrared Thermometer

Though this unit didn’t make it to our blood pressure monitor for the home it still has some quality. Let’s have a look!

A best-infrared thermometer uses thermal radiation or black body radiation emitted by an object to determine the surface temperature. PCE Instruments offers a wide array of accurate, affordable top 5 best-infrared thermometer reviews products with varying temperature measuring ranges from -60 °C to +2400 °C or -76 °F to 4352 °F.

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What is a Best Infrared Thermometer?


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Fixed Mount PCE-IR10

Best Infrared Thermometer Reviews of 2020 with LCD for continuous measurement of the surface temperature of all solid materials, designed for fixed installation.

PCE-IR10 incl. ISO Calibration Certificate 

Best Infrared Thermometer Reviews of 2020 with LCD for continuous measurement of the surface temperature of all solid materials, designed for fixed installation.

PCE-JR 911: Most Accurate Blood Pressure Monitor

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Buyer’s Guide on Most Accurate Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews

Characteristics of Best Infrared Thermometer

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Easy to use, clean, and maintain

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Multi-purpose. This is to imply that it will have various needs

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Best Infrared Thermometers have little to stress when it involves accuracy. Most manufacturers do all they will make sure precise temperature readings. Its technology is simple but progressive.

The aspect alone besides other good features gives you all the reasons why you should not hesitate in getting one. Accurate temperature reading gives reliable information especially if you’re to predict certain situations.


The range at which a thermometer can measure highly depends on its applications. Best Infrared Thermometers come in different ranges. Only find one that suits your needs.


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Free from Contamination

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Conclusion on Most Accurate Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews

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