Techniques of Blood Pressure Measurement

Blood Pressure Measurement

Let’s know the Blood Pressure Measurement! Although the mercury pressure gauge is widely thought to be the “gold standard” for workplace force per unit is a mensuration, the ban on the use of mercury devices continues to diminish their role in the workplace and hospital settings.

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To date, mercury devices have for the most part been phased to get in USA hospitals. This has crystal rectifier to the proliferation of non-mercury devices and has modified (probably forever) the preferred modality of force per unit is a mensuration in the clinic and hospital settings.

The devices presently on the market for hospital and clinic measurements and their necessary sources of error square measure conferred.

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The practical recommendation is given on however the various devices and mensuration techniques ought to be used.

Blood Pressure Measurement Location

The standard location for force per unit is a blood pressure measurement is that the criteria.

The auscultatory method

The oscillometric technique. This methodology is advantageous therein no electrical device would like to be placed over the arteria, and it is less susceptible to external noise (but not to low-frequency mechanical vibration). Comparisons of several different commercial models with intra-arterial and Korotkoff sound measurements, however, have shown generally good agreement.

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